Beachbody Piyo Results – Should you try Piyo?

Beachbody Piyo Results – Should you try Piyo?

Are you looking for a low impact training program and want to try Piyo? Before you take that step, you should have the entire information regarding this plan. Thinking that low-impact training is better than intense training can make you register for such a program without learning more about it.

Today, we will help you decide if Beachbody Piyo is worth your consideration. We will start with the basics, then proceed to details of this fitness program. Read on!

What is PiYo?

Piyo uses Pilates and yoga with some elements of martial arts and dance. This does not involve a lot of shaking. They promise to help you gain strength, balance, and training by combining different training techniques.

Yoga and Pilates are famous for their cardiovascular benefits. This will not help you burn a lot of calories for weight loss since they don’t increase your heart rate. It is also based on resistance that is expected to facilitate muscle development. We don’t like the fact that most of the exercises in this program are repetitive. This makes them boring if you train with Piyo for long.

Who is behind the program?

Piyo was founded by Charlene Johnson who is also an author of Turbofire.  She has also written popular books such as PUSH.

What does Piyo contain?

This plan has been in existence for years giving classes. They, however, launched a DVD workout to help you train from home. The program should last for 60 days and has nine different exercises. They tell you to work out for at least six days in one week. We think that the days don’t give you enough time to rest and it could strain you.

According to the author, you don’t need a lot of equipment to train from home. You will, however, need a towel for sweat and a yoga mat. They leave out some details such as if you need shoes for the exercises or not.  Let us break down the workouts for you.


Training of the upper body is supposed to give you core strength. They, therefore, include a combination of roll-ups, push-ups, and beasts. The problem with this workout is that it is not challenging enough for anyone who has tried training before.


The lower workout should last for 20 minutes. It includes Vinyasa flow, low and high lunges as well as triceps pushups. They also teach you how to perform the balance and warrior series as well as the crouching crow. The challenge with this one is that it is too short and leaves you wishing for more.


Training here goes for at least 35 minutes. It is divided into different portions such as Heat that makes your body sweat through sun salutations. You also get balancing exercises such as lunges and skaters. There is also Piyo pushups which emphasize on core work. They claim that this practice will teach you how to balance your body.


Drench is not an easy workout since it is among the long sessions in Piyo. It involves planks, speed skaters as well as stretches. The combined exercises should give you flexibility and muscle strength. You could get a lot of muscle soreness from this practice if you are new to Piyo.

Strength intervals

This workout lass for about 22 minutes. It includes exercises such as planks and core which are supposed to fasten your heart rate. It promises to help you achieve results without relying on weights. The downside of this is also the duration. It is not long enough to help you gain a lot from it.

What are the disadvantages of Piyo?

It is difficult

It is not easy for anyone who is used to faster paces in most training classes and music. You may injure your wrist as you do the down dogs and pushups.

Does not include cardio

Unlike other training programs, this does not offer you cardio. They may consist of other workouts such as Sweat and Drench, but the lack of cardio is a downside we could not overlook since it has been known to be one of the best exercises to help you lose weight.

You don’t burn a lot of calories

If you intend to lose weight from this program, you may not like the results. Their exercises are from a cardiovascular aspect. It does not raise your heart rate to allow your body to burn lots of calories capable of weight loss.

The site is promotional

We discovered the promotional language used to advertise Piyo. If you look at their website and reviews, you will find a lot of sales language from people trying to convince you to buy it so that they can, in turn, get paid for advertising. They don’t have your interest at heart.

Piyo results

According to the author, the calories you can lose from Piyo depend on your weight, gender, age, and fitness level. This should tell you that the results vary from one individual to another. It is therefore biased and may not be effective for you. They claim that the standard burning of calories is 165 in half an hour from the dances and 240 from aerobics.

What does the workout system of Piyo cost?

The cost of this program is also discouraging. You can either pay $ 19.95 for three months and an additional $ 12.95 for S&H or $ 72.80 as a single payment. This is like thrice of what you would pay in other programs. With the lack of assurance of losing weight, it is not worth taking that risk.

They try to blind you by offering things such as a start guide, a workout calendar, and a meal plan. It is unfortunate that we could not find any coupon codes available to purchase their plan at lower prices.  If you try Piyo reviews, they will also tell you the same information. Their site keeps on telling you that you have entered an invalid coupon code. How frustrating!


We would not recommend this program to you. It has a lot of issues such as the price is too high as well as short workouts that are transitioned poorly. Most users state that it is difficult to follow the videos since they are fast and don’t give you enough time to transition to the next.

Some people also report that the DVDs work for a while then stop working. The results may also be unsatisfactory for you. There is no assurance that you would lose weight even after spending so much. The lack of discounts is also a problem. You can find more information in my negative review here.

Is there an alternative program?

Yes. Instead of risking your money on Piyo, invest it in Jen Ferrugia Bikini Body work out. We can assure you of positive results from this program as well as discounts and low prices. Let us look at what this program is all about.

What is Bikini Body work out?

Unlike Piyo that focuses on making you flexible, this concentrates on helping you lose the extra weight. It is designed to work for two months. It uses different tools that are all aimed at helping you achieve your desired shape. It addresses both issues of exercise and diet since the author believes that a change in lifestyle is vital in attaining a bikini body.

What does Bikini Body workout contain?

The workouts

The program uses Bikini Bootcamp to help you work out without straining your body or causing injuries. Some of the workouts in this program include triceps, quads, HIIT, biceps, calves, and hamstrings. There are rest periods between the exercise to help your body recover and prevent your muscles from getting sore.

The guide includes training three different exercises per each body part. Your guide comes with clear instructions on how to conduct each activity.  There are also video guides that you can follow as you train from home and at the gym.

It also includes training using dumbbells that you buy separately to conduct exercises such as overhead press, Romanian deadlift, and bench presses. The workouts are accessible to you at affordable prices. They are also long enough to help you burn calories but not too long to cause monotony or extreme fatigue.

They come with different difficulty levels to suit everybody as per their skill of training. We like the fact that Bikini Body workout includes a beginner program if you are new to fitness training. This shows that they are not biased and anyone can benefit from the program.

The lack of machines means you can do it from the comfort of your home as long as you have a few dumbbells to train. This increases the efficiency of your training. There is resistance work from this program that includes High-intensity training. This allows you to burn fat faster than other techniques. The author promises that you can burn a lot of calories from a 15-minute HIIT.


Apart from the workouts, the program also helps you find the right diet to help you remain lean as you continue training. Jen Ferrugia, the author, offers a comprehensive guide for your meal plan. Being an expert in fitness, she gives you a lot of health advice on what your body needs and what it does not.

The meal plan includes a shopping list that you can work with to get the right ingredients. She focuses less on counting calories since this is not the secret to losing weight. According to the program, you should take three meals in your day, including a snack.

There are however dietary rules that you should follow to maintain healthy eating. For instance, including a cheat meal and taking lean protein. You get a lot of information about how to get a balanced diet from this program.


Jen offers a supplementation protocol for those who are new to supplements. She says that some supplements can help you maintain a healthy body while others are unhealthy. She recommends supplements such as fish oil, multivitamins and protein powder.

These supplements are useful in regulating food cravings as they ensure you take in sufficient dietary fats. Fish oil, for instance, increases the rate at which you burn fat as you continue working out. Since the diet recommended is low calorie, protein powder is offered to provide you with dietary support for muscle building eliminating the addition of calories.

She also recommends multivitamin to increase your energy levels and keep your body fit for training. You learn how to get a proper multivitamin as well as other supplements.

How much does the program cost?

Unlike Piyo which costs more than $ 70, Bikini Body workout only costs $ 29. The only thing you have to pay for is the 12-week workouts. Other things like the nutrition guide, online videos, shopping list and supplement guide are all free. How cool is that!

They don’t stop there. You can get discounted prices thanks to the availability of coupon codes provided by Bikini Body workouts. You will not struggle accessing this since they are always working. They don’t give you false hopes regarding their prices. You, therefore, end up paying very little to get so much from them.

Is the program for you?

Yes. This is a program that is friendly for anyone whether you are new to fitness training or not. The workouts are not too challenging to follow, and any beginner can enjoy the program and gain from it. The only restriction that they give is that it only suitable for females


Bikini Body workout is what you need to get your desired shape. It just requires your commitment and discipline to start seeing results from the program. The price is also encouraging, and the money-back guarantee is reassuring.

Final thoughts

You can now notice the difference between Piyo and Jen Ferrugia Bikini Body workouts. Do not try Piyo before giving Bikini Body workouts a short. We promise that you will not regret making that decision. All the best!

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