Is There a Free PDF Of The Bodyboss Method Book

Is There a Free PDF Of The Bodyboss Method Book

Is There A Free Pdf Of The Bodyboss Method Book?   

Are you looking for an affordable training program and think Bodyboss is the one? We are sorry to disappoint you since this program does not offer Bodyboss pdf free options. Join us as we go through the packages they provide to justify our claims.

We will start by giving the basics to a beginner who does not know about the program before we can discuss the packages. We don’t intend to leave you disappointed, so we will give you a cheaper effective program that offers lots of pdf materials for free. Learn more!

What is Bodyboss?

This is a fitness program that markets itself to people with busy schedules with a promise to help them remain fit even as they work. You are expected to lose some pounds in 12 weeks of intense training. They give you advice on how to achieve this by selling their books in the form of both pdf and printed versions. Both the versions come with a hefty price tag.

What does Bodyboss program involve?

This combines 60 excises as well as 12 stretches which should help you enhance your fitness and increase the rate of burning fat. All the information comes in the form of Bodyboss books which vary depending on what you need. Some of the common ones are discussed as follows:

Bodyboss fitness guide pdf

This book contains 480 pages that outline fitness routines such as exercises and recipes. We found the pages too many to keep up. The information that you get from this book is basic, and you can quickly access it from the internet.

The guide promises to help you improve your metabolism as you work through different body muscles using high-intensity training. It also includes a guide that claims to teach you how to take a balanced diet. They also promise to help you take charge of your cravings and increase your energy levels.

They offer a meal plan which you should follow for twelve weeks as you keep on enjoying snacks during the day. We doubt if this is an effective meal plan to help you lose weight. The recipes that they offer also come at a cost and they are not family friendly.  The book is also not cheap since it costs $ 99. They try to cover up this high price by offering free bonuses and a recipe book.

Bodyboss ultimate body fitness guide pdf

This online book is supposed to fit into your busy schedule. It contains a 12-week program that includes high-intensity exercises that are supposed to make you more active. They claim that you only need 24 minutes to train three times in one week.

The guide insists that you don’t need to enroll in a gym class to lose weight. It provides HIIT workouts that are supposed to help you burn fat through unilateral exercises and plyometrics. It also contains a goals worksheet that is supposed to help you monitor your progress.

Bodyboss ultimate guide pdf offers a pre-training program that is supposed to last for four weeks to orient you into the main program. They claim that this is a bonus. Though it may be the case, you would have paid $ 65.9 to get the ultimate body fitness guide in the first place.  The cost already is too high compared to what you pay for in other programs such as Bikini Body workout.

Bodyboss portable gym

Bodyboss claims they can bring the gym to your home by making use of resistance bands for you to work on your muscles. They claim that body resistance allows your body to burn fat through shocking it.

The use of resistance bands is supposed to be safe as you work on heavyweights. According to Bodyboss 2. 0 reviews, this is not always the case since you can injure yourself if you are new to the program.

The Bodyboss portable gym includes Kickstarter and Indiegogo. These are supposed to train both your upper and lower body. The problem is that for you to receive all this, you have to part with $ 180.

Bodyboss Superfood Nutrition guide

Bodyboss also provides you with yet another package that does not come for free. This promises to help you know the right nutrients to take without adding more weight. What we find surprising is that they encourage you to take cheat meals in a day that may compromise your calorie intake.

The nutrition guide has some kitchen hacks and shopping lists. This may be helpful though the book’s price is discouraging. You would have to pay another $ 49.

Do they offer anything for free?

From all the above costs, we are sure you are asking yourself this question. This program does not offer Bodyboss free pdf. This is discouraging to anyone who would like to benefit from them. It is clear that they are in for the money more than helping you.

We wish they offered us a free trial so that we could test the performance before buying the packages. Though you may not get anything for free in Bodyboss, there is one program that works towards helping you and not so much into the costs. It is called Jen Ferrugia Bikini body work out.

Does Bodyboss work?

Though you may find some positive reviews on the website, the trainers themselves say that this program is not for everybody. You should not overlook this. Most users report that the program could work if you are not so big.

Some people don’t notice a lot of changes while following the program while others end up quitting since it is hard to keep up with the intensity training. You may end up spending so much on this program and don’t notice a significant difference. It is, therefore, not worth taking the risk.


From the above, we learn that Bodyboss offers packages that may be helpful but at an exaggerated price. There is no assurance that Bodyboss method pdf works since it lacks scientific back and gives you inaccurate information on their website. You can find more information about the negative review here.

What about the Body boss alternative?

An expert in fitness started Bikini Body workout. If you look at the website, you will love the information provided about your health and how you can improve it. It is a lifestyle program that assures you permanent results for a lifetime. Unlike Bodyboss which can give you temporary effects, this is long-lasting.

Bikini Body workout has a structure that is flexible for anyone to follow.  It, however, needs your commitment and discipline though we can assure you that it is not monotonous. You will have to train for 3 hours from home. This increases convenience for ladies who have children to babysit.

What is Bikini Body workouts program?

This is a workout that was founded by Jen Ferrugia. It comes with clear instructions and a simple layout designed to help you burn calories within 60 days. The workouts last for about 45 minutes in four days. They encourage you to rest during the remaining days. Unlike Bodyboss, this plan is more concerned about your overall physique than how much you invest in them.

Who is Jen Ferrugia?

The founder of Bikini Body workouts is a specialist in exercise movement having graduated in Bachelor of Science in the same field. She started this program from personal experience of gaining weight during her early years. This motivated her to want to get back her life as she began to change her lifestyle.

From her experience, she learned that nutrition and exercise are vital in maintaining a bikini body. For this reason, she came up with Bikini Body workouts which are aimed at adjusting your lifestyle to help you gain the same.

Who is the program for?

Unlike Bodyboss which is not for everyone, Bikini body workout is suitable for everyone regardless of your fitness level. It is not an advanced program that is biased to only athletes. Even plus size women can lose weight from this plan.

They offer beginner and intermediate sections. The program has existed for long and gained support from other fitness platforms. They all agree that this is a safe and effective program for everybody.

What does Bikini Body workout offer?

You get this program online by downloading cheap and some free guides to help you lose weight. It makes it easy to access since you can use your smartphone anywhere and practice from your comfort zone. It is divided into the following components:

Online videos

We like the fact that the videos feature Jen Ferrugia showing you how to train using different workouts. She teaches you what to avoid to prevent injuries. You can get the videos online at no cost. Note the difference between bikini body workouts and Bodyboss.

Gym guide

She does not insist that you stop going to the gym like Bodyboss. She offers a guide on how to train at the gym and home. This gives you a manual that has full details regarding the gym equipment that you should use to train. Some of these include benches, barbells, cable machines, presses as well as dumbbells.

Home guide

For training at home, she advises you to get simple dumbbells to perform some exercises along with her video. Both the gym guide and home guide form part of the 12-week workout which costs only $ 29.

Nutrition guide

Unlike many fitness programs that take the approach of counting calories, Jen insists that this is not an effective method of losing weight. She gives you simple meal plans and instructions to help you burn the calories as you get full fast and eliminate cravings. This guide is free!

Shopping list

The author goes further to help you solve your problems by offering practical shopping lists that include the right ingredients for your meals. If you go through the shopping list, you will realize that the elements are easy to find and also cost-friendly. There are elements that your entire family can enjoy without straining on expenses. You also get the shopping list for free!

Supplement list

The founder also gives you information regarding which supplements are effective in weight loss and which are not. This is aimed at helping you stop wasting money on ineffective supplements. See how she cares? This is also free!

What are the advantages of Bikini Body workouts?

It has expertise

If you need scientific backing from a program, get this one that is written by an expert in exercise movement. The author shares her experience and knowledge to help you gain your desired figure.

The plan is easy to follow

Unlike Bodyboss which is complicated for a newbie, this plan is easy to follow and is flexible. The pdf materials do not give you boring information which you already know. There is so much new information you can learn from it.

It is ideal for all

We have seen that anyone can benefit from this program. It is not biased to some specific group. There is a beginner section added in the plan. Isn’t this encouraging?

The program works

People who talk about Bikini Body Workout have nothing but praise for it. So many have benefited from following it. What are you waiting for?

It gives you value for your money

Unlike Bodyboss which frustrates you with basic knowledge at your expense, this shows you value for what you pay for. The cost is little, yet you receive so much more from the plan.

They offer two months guarantee

This refund policy should give you the peace in knowing that you would not be wasting your money if you are unsatisfied with their services. The author is confident about her plan.

Final thoughts

If you follow this routine and remain committed to it, you will see its transforming results. Bikini body workout is cheap and goes ahead to offer you discounts and bonuses to gain from it. Many people can testify that the program works. Therefore, don’t waste your money on Bodyboss but try Bikini Body workouts and see the difference.


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