Kayla Itsines’ BIkini Body Guide

Get to Know Kayla Itsines – Creator of BBG

Kayla Itsines was always active when she was growing up. She notes that she was and still is impatient and so she always has to be doing something with her time. She notes she has always wanted to be a part of the fitness industry and after completing 12th grade she went directly into her personal training course. Right out of her certification she began working at an all-female fitness center.

bikini body guidee

When asked about her 12 week Bikini Body Guide, Itsines notes that it is not simply a weight loss guide but it is more about boosting happiness and confidence in those that partake in the program. She notes the program is more about becoming lean and losing fat rather than about large amounts of weight loss. She notes that her favorite part of her guide are the ab workouts since that is an area that she loves to train and her favorite part of the body. She loves moves like the weighted jackknife and considers this her favorite.

As it relates to the nutrition guide, Itsines notes that her guide is all about eating more wholesome foods. She promotes a diet that does not restrict and starve the user but instead to teach them to make better choices for the rest of their lives and not just now when they are trying to lose weight. Her nutrition guide does include space for cake but not for a night of binge drinking or eating.

For Kayla Itsines a typical day from her food diary would reflect something of this sort;

Breakfast:     Poached Eggs ϟ Toast ϟ Spinach ϟ Avocado ϟ Cup of Berry Tea

Snack:          A piece of fruit

Lunch:          Chick wrap with lettuce, tomato and Greek garlic sauce

Snack:          Tuna Salad ϟ Piece of fruit

Dinner:         Avgolemono (Greek Soup)

Kayla Itsines and Instagram

When asked how she was able to amass such a huge following on social media she attributes it to her ability to understand how women feel. She notes that she wanted to help women feel more comfortable with their bodies. Sharing their progress pictures helps them to boost their confidence and improves their resolve to continue their health journey when they see the positive feedback they get from women around the world. She notes that none of this is about her, and her social media following is there because she shows results that every woman can relate to. She notes that we all look as good as we feel and when we can feel confident no matter what we look like then we can be truly happy. For herself though Itsine says she uses herself for motivation and tries not to idolize other women.

Itsines notes that it is very important to change things up. Instead of going to the gym and using the step bench – go the park and use a park bench. She notes that in her guide she encourages this type of behavior allowing persons to substitute benches for chairs. She also notes that most of the exercises in her program are weighted all depending on your body weight for resistance.

And for those of us too busy to get with the half hour the BBG program requires she has some advice for you. If you only have 10 to 15 minutes per day available to exercise she directs you to head on over to her website where you will find 4 different exercises that will allow you to burn 200 calories in just 15 minutes. What’s great about these workouts is that you can do them anywhere so at the end of your shift when everyone has left the office or at the end of the meeting when everyone has left the boardroom. Kick your butt into gear!

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