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10 Best Unforgettable European Bicycling Tour Destinations



10 Best Unforgettable European Bicycling Tour Destinations

As an avid cyclist, I’ve had the unique pleasure of pedaling my way through some of Europe’s most memorable locations. From Amsterdam’s picturesque canals to Tuscany’s undulating landscapes, each turn of the wheel offers a new and exciting scene.

Let’s delve into 10 of Europe’s top bicycling tour destinations that are sure to leave an indelible impression on you. Prepare yourself for the exhilarating freedom of the open road and the joy of visiting these bewitching locations at your own pace.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

In my numerous visits to Amsterdam, Netherlands, I’ve found myself drawn to its bicycle-friendly layout and strikingly scenic biking routes. The city is a haven for cyclists, thanks to its level ground, comprehensive lanes specifically for bikes, and plentiful bicycle parking options.

As I pedal through Amsterdam, I’m enveloped by charming canals, historic structures, and a dynamic environment. Moving around the city’s districts on a bicycle is an engaging experience. It takes you from the lively city center streets to the serene parks and gardens on the city’s periphery.

The biking culture in the Netherlands is deeply embedded in Amsterdam’s lifestyle. It’s heartening to observe residents from diverse age groups and backgrounds riding their bicycles confidently around the city. Amsterdam genuinely represents the sense of liberty and thrill that comes with getting to know a city while pedaling on two wheels.

As we revel in the spirit of adventure, let’s turn our attention to the mesmerizing bicycle paths of Tuscany, Italy.

Tuscany, Italy

Resuming from Amsterdam, I find myself next in the enchanting bicycle trails of Tuscany, Italy. Pedaling through the captivating scenes of this region, I’m met with rolling landscapes, alluring vineyards, and sweet, old-fashioned medieval villages scattered across the terrain. Tuscany offers a cyclist’s dream, a unique sense of liberty and thrill that’s not easily matched elsewhere.

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Here are some key experiences to look forward to while biking in Tuscany:

  • Journey through the Chianti region: Bike among the vineyards and olive groves, making stops at the local wineries to taste some of the most celebrated wines in the world.
  • Check out the hilltop towns: Make a side trip to towns such as San Gimignano and Volterra. Here, the narrow lanes and age-old architecture will take you on a journey back through the centuries.

Tuscany, with its awe-inspiring landscapes and rich cultural history, truly stands out as a destination that encapsulates the essence of freedom and the desire to seek out new experiences. So, get on your bike and let your adventure take flight!

To quote a seasoned traveler, ‘Every turn in Tuscany is a new adventure waiting to be discovered on two wheels.’

Copenhagen, Denmark

For those who appreciate the beauty of cycling, Copenhagen’s bike-friendly environment is truly a sight to behold. This Danish city boasts an extensive network of well-kept bike paths that guide you through its quaint neighborhoods, alongside its beautiful canals, and by noteworthy landmarks such as the Little Mermaid statue.

What really distinguishes Copenhagen, however, is its commendable commitment to promoting cycling. This is evident in the city’s excellent cycling infrastructure which includes dedicated lanes, cyclist-specific traffic lights, and even bridges solely designed for cyclists.

It’s clear to see that cycling is more than just a mode of transport in Copenhagen – it’s a cherished part of the city’s culture, making it quite the haven for bike enthusiasts. As a resident of Copenhagen once said, ‘Cycling isn’t just a mode of transport here, it’s a lifestyle. You don’t know the city if you haven’t cycled through it.’

Scenic Bike Routes

If you’re planning a biking trip in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Harbour Circle route is a fantastic option. This 13-mile path offers a unique way to take in the city’s beauty, as it winds along the waterfront and provides stunning views of various landmarks. As you cycle, you’ll see the internationally-famous Little Mermaid statue, the vibrant Nyhavn canal with its historic charm, and the futuristic-looking Opera House.

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But it’s not just man-made marvels on display – the route also weaves through several of the city’s lovely parks and green spaces, which offer a peaceful contrast to the more urban areas. And if you’re feeling peckish along the way, there are numerous cafes and restaurants where you can sample traditional Danish fare. This route’s combination of natural beauty, cultural highlights, and leisurely pace make it a fantastic choice for anyone who loves to bike.

Key Stops on the Harbour Circle Route:

  • The globally-admired Little Mermaid statue
  • The lively and historic Nyhavn canal

Sights to admire:

  • The cutting-edge design of the Opera House
  • The lush parks and green spaces scattered across the city

As a biking enthusiast said, ‘Every turn on the Harbour Circle route reveals a new facet of Copenhagen’s charm. It’s not just a bike ride, it’s a journey through the heart of a beautiful city.’

Cycling Infrastructure in Copenhagen

As a regular bike rider, Copenhagen’s comprehensive and well-kept cycling establishments left me in awe. This city in Denmark is a paradise for those who love cycling, offering dedicated bike lanes, specific traffic signals, and bridges solely for bicycles.

Riding through the city was a liberating experience, with the assurance that I could traverse every nook and cranny without the interference of vehicles. The bike lanes were spacious, even, and well-indicated, which made getting around simple.

The city’s dedication to cycling was evident in its inclusion of inventive features like roundabouts that cater to cyclists and traffic calming measures that are bike-friendly. With a network of over 400 kilometers of bike lanes, Copenhagen is a city that truly puts cyclists first, fostering an environment that encourages safety, ease, and a sense of liberation for those on two wheels.

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Bike-Friendly Culture

Picking up from where we left off, the biking culture in Copenhagen, Denmark, left a lasting impression on me. As I journeyed through the city on my bike, the respect and admiration for cyclists were palpable.

Here’s why Copenhagen is a dream destination for anyone who loves to cycle:

  • Infrastructure – Copenhagen takes pride in its comprehensive network of bike lanes that cater exclusively to cyclists. This makes moving around the city on a bike not just safe, but also hassle-free. The city has gone a step further by installing separate traffic lights for cyclists, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of bike traffic.
  • Bike Rental – ‘Bycyklen’, Copenhagen’s bike rental service, makes it a piece of cake for tourists to get around the city on a bike. With bike stations conveniently located across the city, you can easily rent and return a bike as per your convenience.

Copenhagen’s commitment to creating a supportive environment for cyclists, demonstrated by its well-planned infrastructure and user-friendly rental service, is commendable. It’s easy to see why this stunning city is considered a haven for cycling enthusiasts.

Here’s a custom quote to sum it up: ‘Copenhagen isn’t just a city with bikes; it’s a city for bikes.’

Provence, France

Cycling in Provence, France, is a captivating journey across stunning terrains and alluring villages, leaving one with a memorable experience. Known for its visually appealing rural settings, the region boasts landscapes filled with lavender fields and vineyards that seemingly extend to the horizon. As you traverse the serpentine routes on your bicycle, the fragrant lavender and the warm sunshine serve as your constant companions.

Provencal villages are nothing short of a storybook illustration, showcasing narrow cobblestone lanes, vibrant house fronts, and inviting cafes. Make sure to take a break at a local bakery to enjoy the delight of freshly baked croissants or relax with a glass of indigenous wine in an attractive courtyard. The beauty of cycling in Provence lies in the autonomy it offers to deeply engage with the region’s allure and charisma.

As a cyclist aptly put it, ‘Cycling in Provence is more than a journey, it’s an immersion into the heart of French charm and natural beauty.’

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Vienna, Austria

Cycling through Vienna, Austria, could be your next great adventure. Pedal your way along the serene Danube River or immerse yourself in the city’s rich history by cycling through its ancient streets.

Vienna presents a wide array of sights for cycling enthusiasts, ranging from breathtaking architectural feats to verdant parks.

Cycling in Vienna provides a distinctive and memorable way to appreciate the scenic allure and enchanting charisma of the city.

Top Vienna Bike Routes

I strongly suggest you consider cycling in Vienna, Austria, for a memorable experience. The flat landscape, well-preserved routes, and beautiful vistas make Vienna an ideal destination for cyclists, regardless of their proficiency.

Let’s focus on two routes you should add to your list:

  • Danube Bike Path: This well-known route escorts you along the imposing Danube River, providing awe-inspiring views of Vienna’s attractions, verdant landscapes, and quaint villages. Cycle through vineyards, observe medieval castles, and appreciate the serene river as you journey towards the scenic town of Krems.
  • Vienna Woods: If you’re up for a more strenuous ride, the Vienna Woods route is a great option. Travel through the captivating forest outskirts of the city, where you’ll come across ancient ruins, secret trails, and expansive viewpoints. You might face some uphill challenges, but the rewarding vistas and invigorating fresh air make the effort worthwhile.

Cycling Attractions in Vienna

Let’s continue our journey through the cyclist-friendly streets of Vienna, a city rich in culture and history, nestled in the heart of Austria. Pedaling through its charming streets, you’ll come across numerous landmarks that make Vienna a truly memorable experience.

Your journey can start on the grand Ringstrasse, taking you past architectural marvels such as the Vienna State Opera and the Hofburg Palace. You might feel like you’re in a different era, surrounded by such grandeur.

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Music enthusiasts shouldn’t miss a stop at the Mozarthaus, once the home of the illustrious composer Mozart. It’s a place where you can feel the echoes of the past, and get a glimpse into the life of this musical genius.

For those who enjoy nature, the Danube Island is a must-visit. A green haven in the city’s heart, it offers picturesque trails and breathtaking views of the river.

Vienna’s charm and diversity are sure to steal your heart as you explore at your leisure, taking in the sights and sounds on two wheels.

As a custom quote for this article, I’d use: ‘Vienna – where every street is a new adventure, and every adventure is a new memory.’

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain – A Bicyclist’s Dream Destination

Barcelona, Spain is a city that shines amongst Europe’s top spots for bicycle tours. The city’s striking architecture, lively culture, and breathtaking coastal vistas create an exceptional experience for biking enthusiasts. The reasons for cycling enthusiasts to include Barcelona in their must-visit list are plenty. Here are a few:

  • Touring the City: Barcelona’s lively streets and famous landmarks such as Sagrada Familia and Park Güell offer an exciting ride.
  • Coastal Biking: Feel the cool sea breeze as you ride along Barcelona’s beautiful coastline.
  • Barceloneta Beach: Take a relaxed bike ride on the sandy beaches and pause for a refreshing swim in the Mediterranean.
  • Port Olimpic: Enjoy the view of the spectacular yacht harbor as you cycle along the path.

Whether you’re fascinated by history, love the beach, or just enjoy a good adventure, Barcelona caters to all interests. As the famous Spanish saying goes, ‘La vida es como la bicicleta, para mantener el equilibrio debes seguir adelante’ – Life is like a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving forward.

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Scottish Highlands, United Kingdom

Traveling through the Scottish Highlands on a bike allows you to fully appreciate the raw beauty of the United Kingdom. As you cover miles on two wheels, the sweeping hills and awe-inspiring scenery give you an unmatched sense of freedom.

The Highlands provide a wide variety of biking trails, from demanding mountain terrain to picturesque seaside routes. The famous Loch Ness, with its rich, dark waters and enigmatic tales, is a sight you might enjoy on your journey. You might also find yourself biking through the beautiful Cairngorms National Park, enveloped by towering mountains and age-old woodlands.

The Highlands are sprinkled with quaint villages and historical castles, adding a layer of charm to your trip. No matter your cycling experience, the Scottish Highlands will stir your spirit and gift you with an indelible imprint of adventure and liberty.

Prague, Czech Republic

Cycling through Prague, in the heart of the Czech Republic, is an experience that’s difficult to put into words. This city is a perfect blend of history, culture, and scenic cycling routes. As my bicycle wheels clicked over the cobblestones, I found myself in awe of the city’s stunning Gothic and Baroque buildings. One of the highlights was the Charles Bridge, its statues standing tall and proud, providing a splendid view of the Vltava River.

The bustling Old Town Square is another gem, with its historic astronomical clock and lively markets offering an authentic taste of Czech life. Further afield from the city’s boundaries, the beautiful countryside beckons. Here, the terrain changes to rolling hills, quaint villages, and inviting vineyards, making for delightful cycling adventures. For cyclists, Prague is indeed a dream destination.

Here are some of the top sights to add to your Prague itinerary:

  • The imposing Prague Castle
  • The beautiful St. Vitus Cathedral

Also, make sure you try these scenic cycling routes near Prague:

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  • The tranquil Vltava River Trail
  • The historic Karlštejn Castle Cycling Route

In the words of a famous cyclist, ‘Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.’ And indeed, the pleasure is amplified when the ride takes place in a city as beautiful as Prague.

Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Riding a bike through the Swiss Alps can make your heart race – both from physical exertion and the pure joy of the surrounding beauty. Pedaling through the towering mountain ranges and past pristine lakes, you’d be hard-pressed not to feel a profound sense of liberty. The Swiss Alps are a dream come true for any cyclist with their well-kept roads, rigorous ascents, and the pure joy of coasting down the slopes.

The landscapes are quite simply, a marvel. Picture snow-dusted mountain tops, valleys bursting with greenery, and delightful alpine homesteads scattered across the terrain. You breathe in the brisk, invigorating air, and the only sounds are your own breath and the crunch of your tires against the path. This trip will push your limits, yet reward you with indelible recollections.

But the journey doesn’t end here. We’re heading to Dubrovnik, Croatia next, and another chapter of adventure is ready to unfold.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Experiencing many European locations through the lens of a cyclist, Dubrovnik, Croatia, has left an indelible impression on me.

  • Positioned beautifully along the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik’s appeal lies in its rich history and breathtaking landscapes.
  • From the city’s ancient walls built in the 16th century, one can marvel at the picturesque view of red-tiled rooftops and the shimmering waters beneath.
  • Riding through the quaint, stone-paved lanes of the Old Town feels like travelling back through time, surrounded by lovely boutiques, coffee shops, and age-old structures.
  • Cycling across the coastal roads, the wild charm of the Dalmatian coastline, with its craggy cliffs and quiet beaches, left me in awe.

A short ferry trip takes you to the island of Lokrum, offering serene landscapes to traverse on your bike, with its green botanical garden and concealed inlets.

  • Dubrovnik is a versatile destination that caters to history enthusiasts, nature admirers, or adventure seekers, making it a must-visit locale for any cycling aficionado.

Remember the words of Susan Heller, ‘When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.’ You’ll need it for the rich experiences Dubrovnik has to offer.

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