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6KU Fixed Gear Bicycle Review



6KU Track Fixed Gear Bicycle Review


We’re die-hard cyclists who’ve logged thousands of miles, and we’re putting the 6ku fixed gear track bike to the test.

We’ve ridden it in every condition, scrutinized its components, and even explored its customization potential.

Whether you’re a biking newbie or a seasoned rider, we’re here to share our review on this lightweight, versatile bike.

Key Takeaways

  • Lightweight and durable aluminum frame and fork
  • It can be ridden as a fixed gear or freewheel with a flip-flop hub
  • Front and rear brakes included, but may need upgrading
  • Suitable for entry-level riders and can be easily upgraded


In our journey to uncover the best in cycling, we’ve come across the 6KU urban track bike by 6KU, a bike catching attention for its lightweight frame and easy maintenance.

We’ve analyzed its features, and we’re pretty impressed. The full aluminum frame and fork make this bike a light and nimble companion for urban riding. With its 30mm deep V double-walled alloy wheels, it’s built to withstand the rough and tumble of city streets.

It’s got a flip-flop hub, allowing for both fixed gear and freewheel riding styles, giving you the freedom to choose how you ride. We also love the easy upkeep, which is a real game-changer.

6KU is aiming for a bike that offers both performance and practicality.

Specs Breakdown

The KU Track Fixed Gear Bicycle is designed with versatility and simplicity. The bike’s lightweight full aluminum frame provides a smooth ride, and its 30mm Deep V Double-Walled Alloy Wheels ensure durability and stability.

  • Ride Style: With the flip-flop hub, you can switch between riding fixed gear or freewheel, choosing your ride style depending on your mood or terrain.
  • Maintenance: Its design and components make for easy maintenance and upkeep. This bike is a solid choice for those who value simplicity and ease.
  • Inclusions: It’s worth noting that front and rear brakes are included, ensuring safety and control during rides.

This bike combines functionality, style, and freedom, making it a top choice for riders.


Pros and Cons

On the pro side, this bike is lightweight with a full aluminum frame, making it perfect for urban riding. It offers flexibility, allowing you to ride fixed gear or freewheel with the flip-flop hub. The maintenance is relatively easy, lowering the barriers to bike ownership.

However, it’s not without its cons. The rim brakes aren’t the strongest, which might require an upgrade. The absence of a kickstand can be inconvenient. Lastly, the bike’s size may not be suitable for shorter individuals, potentially limiting its user base.

Final Verdict

After considering all the features, pros, and cons, we’ve concluded that the fixed gear bike 6ku track bike is an excellent choice for entry-level riders and urban commuters.

This bike’s lightweight aluminum frame, dual-pivot cantilever brakes, and flip-flop hub for transitioning between fixed gear and freewheel riding styles make it a versatile, easy-to-handle choice.

Despite minor drawbacks, such as the absence of a kickstand and weak rim brakes, its overall performance and durability stand out.

The bike’s simplicity in design and maintenance, coupled with its speed and adaptability, make it an ideal selection for those who value freedom in their urban travels.

With this bike, you’ll enjoy a smooth ride and the liberty to explore your city with ease.


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