I wanted to continue my coverage on cellulite by tackling how women can truly figure out how to tone and eliminate it. Included in this will be my recommendation for the most comprehensive method of getting rid of it – as seen on TV (It’s the Symulast method).

Let’s get started!

Guide to Reducing Cellulite (With Before and After Pictures!)

Before I get into it, I want to make one thing clear – no matter what Instagram models and beauty leaders say, cellulite is completely normal. The majority of women get it, some fairly early in life, and for the most part other people don’t notice it.

But we do.

Maybe it’s because I was upset and insecure about my body after me and my husband separated (I’ve talked about my weight loss journey multiple times before), or maybe it’s because I jealous of other, younger girls on the beach – but it wasn’t until i saw fitness model Athena Demos that I really lost it.

Despite her age, she has an AMAZING body. I had to know – was it genetic? Why wasn’t she plagued by cellulite? I didn’t find much information on her journey, but it led me down a rabbit hole that helped me deal with my own issues…

It’s a blemish on otherwise smooth skin – so it’s no big mystery that if we can do something about it, why shouldn’t we?

The only issue I really have – and continuously encountered – is programs that prey on insecurities or promise results overnight – which, by the way, is impossible UNLESS you’re spending thousands of dollars on surgical cellulite reduction treatments.

But from what I’ve seen, many women can start addressing cellulite from the comforts of their homes, and with much cheaper options.

So Which Options Are The Fastest WORKING Treatments For Cellulite?

There are a couple of options that are legitimate for tackling cellulite, and I’ll explain:

  • Dry brushing. Very similar to the use of cellulite massagers, this is basically a method of taking a soft or hard brush, or other material, using it to massage the problem areas of your body. Celebs such as Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by it as a “miracle cure”. The thing is, all dry brushing really does is promote circulation in butt and thighs, which can actually help your cellulite. That said, you could achieve the exact same effect by massaging it with your fingers, no tool required

Miranda Kerr told Vogue that she does uses a cellulite brush in the mornings because it “helps with circulation, lymphatic drainage and exfoliation” as well as the reduction of cellulite.

  • Muscle Growth. At first, many women balk at the idea of building muscle to aid in treating cellulite. Even after my friends were shocked by my results, they still side-eyed me when I mentioned muscle building. Let me just say this: you are not going to be doing squats in your home and wake up the next day looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Toning muscle is a long process… which means you can get your butt and thighs as perky as you want. And in doing so, you firm up the muscle underneath the cellulite and get both a better feeling and looking body.


  • Weight Loss. If you’re a few lbs overweight (and no shame in it, I was when I started this journey), your skin is slowly getting stretched overtime as it expands to accommodate additional fat deposits. Losing that weight – at a safe, healthy pace – will bring it back to its original tightness and trim down that subcutaneous fat.

Ideally, you’d want a cellulite treatment program that takes components of all of these scientifically backed methods to deal with cellulite – something that specifically targets cellulite problem areas like your bum and thighs, increases circulation, and promotes muscle growth to even and shape the area.

And that’s precisely what I was looking for when I found the BEST cellulite treatment program….


I stumbled upon the program when I saw it on television a few years ago:

Joey talking about the method with a few of the women who had tried it and volunteered to show up with him.

But I didn’t pay it enough attention until later on, when I was doing my research into cellulite and realized the connection between proven methods of eliminating cellulite, and what the program offered.

Beyond basic (but necessary) knowledge about what cellulite is and how cellulite can get worse, this program is designed to be a exercise program that will start showing results in as soon as a week, though Atlas asks and Recommends that you commit for a month.

At this point, I was curious. It’s one thing to see testimonials, it’s another thing to see that the program creator had

  1. Enough credibility to be brought onto a TV show for an interview specifically about his program
  2. Enough sway with his customers to convince two of them to show up live on television to testify that his program had worked for them.

It was also pleasantly surprising to see that these were women that looked like me. Not professional models taking airbrushed pictures.

If it worked for them, maybe it could help me turn more heads at the beach… and if it made my ex-husband jealous and want me back, well, that’s just icing on the cake.


The Symulast Method is Joey’s method of “Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation” – a fancy way of saying he’s going to address the actual options you have for cellulite treatment that I laid out above – circulation, muscle gain, weight loss.

This is a PDF and video guide that targets problem areas and activates the major muscles in all of them, using home based, equipment-less exercises. ANY woman looking to eradicate their cellulite can use this guide – recommended to be completed three times a week, for less than 20 minutes a day.

The program is only $99, (EDIT – It’s currently got a limited time discount at only $39.99! Highly recommend picking it up while you can – just click here and scroll down to the “add to cart” button) and includes:

  • Videos with detailed instructions on how to properly performed the exercises, and access to the user’s website
  • The eBook itself, which is vital to understanding cellulite and how to defeat it
  • A workout schedule to make it easy to follow on auto-pilot
  • The “Anti-Cellulite Cardio Summary” – which breaks down how certain variations of cardio are better than others
  • And more!

These secret, well-researched exercises will completely tighten and tone the muscles on your thighs and buttocks..

And I can prove it!

My Progress With Cellulite Treatment

Just a few weeks after the program….

First off, let me just say that I totally understand how Joey earned a TV spot for this program. The information is comprehensive, and so is his Symulast method. With this, I really felt like I knew something other women didn’t when it came to cellulite.

And the results I had later proved that.

The program went very nicely with my commitment to a healthier lifestyle in general, but I think any woman would be able to immediately jump into this program and start seeing and feeling benefits.

It’s not just the cellulite with this method – it’s how your lower body just improves… in every and any way imaginable.

My favorite part was how jeans started getting tighter around my rump. Followed by going to the store, looking behind, and catching young men as they quickly looked away.

One thing I didn’t like – and no offense to Joey Atlas – was that his program has too many names. When i was doing my research I saw people mention “The Naked Beauty” (not the podcast) and “The Truth About Cellulite” or “Beyond Cellulite”. I guess these are different names for different parts of his general Symulast method of dealing with Cellulite. Still confusing, but whatever.

That’s the ONLY negative trait I could think of. Beyond that, this is by far the most effective method of dealing with cellulite that I’ve been able to find.

Once you understand how cellulite is caused, and what methods of treatment have been proven to be effective, you can formulate a plan of attack to reduce it. For me, I wanted to get a guide that had already done the heavy lifting and was tried and proven to impact cellulite. And with Joey Atlas’s guide, I got that.

While it’s now my go-to suggestion to my friends and family, it’s not going to be for everyone.

But it sure was for me. And maybe it will be for you too. You won’t know until you visit the website.

P.S. My ex did try to contact me on Facebook after I posted a beach photo showing off my new rear. Wonder what prompted that…:) .