The BEST Exercises To Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat (From Home!)

Legs. Legs!! No matter how much weight I’ve managed to lose, I must admit that even when I was skinny I never thought my legs were anything to write home about.

Until I started specifically targeting them.

I will never forget how it felt – just me and the girls on a night out, maybe I’m wearing a dress revealing more than it should 😏 and who do I see but my ex-husband with one of his friends. At first I wanted I wanted to run away, but then he came up and complimented me on how good I looked ( yeah I’ve been busting my ass, thanks). I was pleasant as possible, but I couldn’t help but notice how many glances he was stealing at my toned legs. And then I saw all the other guys checking me out.

This stuff WORKS.

And now I’m going to share my opinion on which ones I think tightened and toned my legs up the most.

Starting with the very best….


1. Squats – The KING (or Queen) of Leg Fat and Toning


Squats are, without doubt, the best leg workouts at home that anyone can do with ease, for an intense workout of the legs.

But why are they so efficient?

I didn’t know this at the time, but performing squats actually replicates the amount of strain your body would be under while you were running and jumping. Your muscles experience so much intensity, so much strain, that it causes your leg muscles to contract and relax with great force. Add in several repetitions and you have an extremely effective (if not tiring) way to strengthen your muscle fibers and burn fat.

Oh, and before I go on – ladies, you DO want to gain a little muscle in these areas. You’re not going to be squatting one day and go from your current physique to suddenly looking like a professional bodybuilder, so there’s no reason to be worried about that. Having muscle in these areas will brace the skin (making it look better) and tighten everything up.

How To Squat:

  • The correct starting position is to begin standing in a straight upward position. Align your feet with your hips.
  • Bend your knees as if you’re about to take seat on an invisible chair. (Again, back straight!)
  • Lower your hips and your butt as much as you can. You’re still aiming to land on that invisible chair!
  • Once you’ve gone as far as you can (you do NOT want to feel any strain in your knees, listen to your body!), slowly straighten your legs and go back to the initial position. Repeat the exercise as much as desired (and always aim for progressive overload in future sessions).

2. Forward and Backward Lunges


If Squats are the queens of burning thigh fat, lunges are the princesses and they are REALLY coming for the crown. These exercises can be just as hard or harder than squats – and just as rewarding.

How To Lunge:

  • There are two types of lunges – Forward lunges and backward lunges.
  • For either, you are going to start in a standing straight position, feet shoulder width apart.
  • With one leg, you push forward (or step backward if doing backward lunges) until the other leg, still stationary, is bent to a 90 degree angle.
  • Push off the forward/backward leg and return to the starting position.
  • Repeat the motion with the opposite leg.
  • This exercise is intense – and personally, completing exercises that go one body part at a time is especially excruciating, but I promise you that when you catch a glimpse of your legs in the mirror weeks down the line it will be WORTH IT!

3. Side Lunges

I know what you’re thinking: WTF – is this going to be all about lunges? No, this is the last variation – I promise 🤞. But when I said lunges were a close second to squats I really wasn’t kidding, there’s so many accessible ways to do this exercise and ways to mix it up so you really feel the burn in different parts of your leg. How else are you going to melt off that fat?

How To Side Lunge:

  • Begin in a standing position, with your legs spread about shoulder width apart (this is recurring theme with many of these exercises).
  • While keeping one foot planted, move the other one away from your body step-by-step.
  • Your goal is to reach the point where your stationary leg is stretched straight.
  • Once you’ve reached your maximum strain, push your bent leg and return to the starting position. Repeat with the opposite leg.

4. Wall Sits

How To Wall Sit:

  • Start with your back placed firmly against the wall.
  • Lower yourself slowly while keeping your legs aligned with your hips.
  • Once you’ve reached a normal sitting position, try to hold your position for as long as possible. Shoot for 30-60 seconds.
  • DO NOT let your hands rest on your thighs!!! Keep them over your head, or stretched out, or anywhere but resting.
  • Feel the burn 🙂

5. Jump Squats

This one is just flat out fun.

How To Jump Squat:

  • Stand up straight and spread your legs as wide as your hip line.
  • Bend your knees and lower your body to the ground, then, from this position, try jumping as high as you can.
  • You can test your form if you have a mirror – you should be able to see the top of your sneakers while mid-air. If you can’t, shift your body weight back a little.

6. Abductions

NOTE: This has nothing to with aliens.

How To Do Abductions:

  • To perform abduction, you will just have to lie down on one of your sides, lifting the leg that is on top as high as you can.
  •  Once you touch the highest point, lower the leg slowly, with control, feeling your muscles move while doing this.
  •  You can use ankle weights to make this exercise more challenging if you want.
  •  Turn on the other side and repeat the exercise with the other leg as well.
  • Perform several reps on each side.

7. Walking Lunges

Hah, you thought we were done with lunge variations? Well, so did I when I first started doing these…

The cool thing about wall lunges is that you can literally do them ANYWHERE (as long as you’re wearing something comfortable and/or appropriate).Do them on your way to the kitchen, before you get to your car, etc. Anytime you think about them – trust me, it will add up overtime…

How To Walking Lunge:

  • To perform this exercise, place your hands on your hips or use them to hold dumbbells on each side of your body. Take one big step forward, while bending the knee of your other leg to the ground.
  • The distance between your legs should be as further away as possible, like trying to take giant steps, in the form of lunges.
  • Make another step by taking your back leg and placing it in the front, the leg that is falling behind should now have the knee bent to the ground.
  • Walk, walk, walk!

These workouts should have you targeting and burning thigh fat easily and effectively, with or without equipment. Hope you all find this helpful!