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HYPERAX Volt 2 Bike Rack Review



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HYPERAX Volt 2 Bike Rack Review

I’ve always been an avid cyclist, but hauling my new e-bike was a puzzle until I snagged the HYPERAX Volt 2 Bike Rack.

I’ve put it through its paces, keen to assess if it’s as user-friendly and secure as advertised.

In this review, I’ll dissect my experience—from assembly to road-testing—ensuring you can decide if it’s the safe and reliable carrier your e-bike needs.

Let’s dive into the specifics of this hitch-mounted lifesaver.

Product Summary

 In assessing the HYPERAX Volt 2 Bike Rack, it’s important to highlight its design and functionality. Built to carry two electric bikes, each weighing up to 70 pounds, this rack supports a range of sizes, accommodating fat tires up to 5 inches and a wheelbase as long as 58 inches. A key feature for those who need frequent access to their car’s cargo area is the rack’s tilting mechanism, which simplifies the process without the need to remove the bikes.

A focus on security is evident with rubberized hooks with a soft co-injection to prevent bike frame damage and dual key locks to prevent theft. The adjustable wheel holders keep the bikes from shifting for a more stable transport, and the reflective velcro straps are a thoughtful touch for increased visibility during low-light conditions.

Compatibility is broad with a 2-inch hitch receiver, making it a good fit for most SUVs and trucks, though it’s not designed for use with RVs or trailers.

Regarding storage, the rack is equipped with a carrying handle and built-in hooks for hanging on a wall, making it as easy to store as it is to use.

Technical Specifications

The HYPERAX Volt 2 boasts specifications that underscore its commitment to safely transporting electric bicycles. The designers placed a strong emphasis on safety and long-lasting use.

Weight Capacity:

  • Per bike: Supports up to 70 lbs
  • Total capacity: Can hold 140 lbs in total


  • Accepts tire widths of up to 5 inches
  • Accommodates wheelbases as long as 58 inches

Crafted with electric bicycles in mind, the HYPERAX Volt 2 can handle the additional weight that these bikes often carry. The generous weight limit per bike means that even the more substantial e-bike models can be transported securely.

The rack’s ability to support wide tires and a broad range of wheelbase lengths demonstrates its versatility, ensuring that various e-bike dimensions can be safely secured during transport.



Advantages and Disadvantages

The HYPERAX Volt 2 excels in adapting to different needs, making it a strong choice for transporting electric bikes. One of its standout features is the capacity to safely carry two e-bikes, weighing up to 70 pounds and accommodating fat tires up to 5 inches wide. 

This is a significant benefit for those who own heavier bikes and want assurance that their transportation method is secure. Additionally, the rack design includes a tilting mechanism that allows users to access their vehicle’s trunk without removing the bikes, which is especially convenient for those who need to access the trunk space frequently.


  • Ensures safe transport of heavy e-bikes
  • Rubberized hooks are gentle on bike frames, preventing damage
  • Reflective straps on the rack increase safety by making it more visible to others on the road
  • Thoughtful design features that make the user experience more convenient
  • It comes with an integrated handle and wall mount hooks, making it easy to carry and store when not in use

On the other hand, some users have found the assembly process of the HYPERAX Volt 2 to be quite complicated. This could be a setback for individuals who aren’t uncomfortable with detailed assembly or prefer a more straightforward setup. A simpler assembly process and clearer instructions would be beneficial and make the rack more accessible to a wider range of customers who value safety and ease of use.

Final Verdict

After an extensive evaluation of the HYPERAX Volt 2, including hands-on testing and considering user experiences, I’ve concluded that this bike rack is a standout option, particularly for its durable build and ability to carry heavy electric bikes securely.

While some users might find the initial setup a bit challenging, the effort pays off with the rack’s stable performance during travel, ensuring your bikes stay put.

The thoughtful design of the tilting mechanism is a highlight, as it provides convenient access to your vehicle’s trunk without needing to remove the bikes. With a total weight capacity of 140 pounds, it can easily handle the demands of multiple e-bikes. I also appreciate the added security features, such as the dual key locks and the protective rubberized hooks that safeguard your bike’s finish.

While the assembly instructions could be clearer, the installation is a one-time hassle, and once you’ve got it set up, the rack’s performance is dependable.

For those who value the safety of their bikes and the assurance of a sturdy rack, the HYPERAX Volt 2 is a worthy investment.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can the HYPERAX Volt 2 Bike Rack Be Adapted to Fit a 1.25-inch Hitch Receiver Instead of the Standard 2-inch Receiver?

I can’t adapt the HYPERAX Volt 2 bike rack to fit a 1.25-inch hitch receiver; it’s specifically designed for 2-inch receivers without an official adapter offered by the manufacturer. Safety could be compromised.

Is It Possible to Add an Extension to the HYPERAX Volt 2 Bike Rack to Carry More Than Two Bikes, and if So, Where Can One Purchase the Extension?

I haven’t seen an extension for the HYPERAX Volt 2 to carry more bikes. Still, for safety’s sake, it’s best to stick to its two-bike capacity or contact the manufacturer regarding compatible accessories.

How Does the HYPERAX Volt 2 Bike Rack Perform in Extreme Weather Conditions Such as Heavy Snow or Intense Heat?

I haven’t tested the HYPERAX Volt 2 rack in heavy snow or intense heat, but its robust construction suggests it should withstand extreme weather conditions while keeping bikes secure.

Are There Any Special Maintenance Routines or Care Tips to Prolong the Life of the HYPERAX Volt 2 Bike Rack, Especially to Prevent Rust or Wear From Regular Use?

I regularly rinse and dry my rack to prevent rust. Applying a protective coating guards against wear. I check for loose parts monthly, ensuring everything’s secure to maintain maximum safety during use.

If a Part of the HYPERAX Volt 2 Bike Rack Is Damaged or Lost, Such as a Wheel Holder or a Lock Key, How Does One Go About Ordering Replacement Parts From HYPERAX?

I’d contact Hyperax customer service directly to order replacement parts for my Volt 2 bike rack, ensuring I get the correct components to maintain my rack’s safety and functionality.

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