The Ultimate Keto Shopping List + Carb Breakdown

Keto Shopping List Grocery List

The Ultimate Keto Shopping List

It’s official – Keto is the newest diet craze sweeping the nation. And with a focus on eliminating carbs and sugar from your diet, as well as promises of numerous metabolic benefits such as improved metabolism, better skin, and rapid weight loss, it’s no surprise.

But there’s a LOT of information out there, and many beginners just want to get the short and dirty of it. So, I thought I would provide it. Below you’ll see a list of some of the most popular keto diet foods. Add them to your grocery list and get mix-and-matching to create delicious recipes!

Also included are the carb counts of each item (in 100g portions).

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100g of meat keto

Beef – 0g Carbs

Bacon – 1.4g Carbs

Deer – 0.5 Carbs

Deli Meat – 4g Carbs

Goat – 0g Carbs

Hot Dogs – 4.5g Carbs

Lamb – 0g Carbs

Pepperoni – 4g Carbs

Pork – 0g Carbs

Prosciutto – 0.3g Carbs

Rabbit – 0g Carbs

Salami – 2g

Sausages – 4g

Sheep – 0g

Veal – 0g


100g of chicken keto

Chicken – 0g

Duck – 0g

Eggs – 0.7g Carbs

Goose – 0g

Quail – 0.1g

Turkey – 4g


Abalone – 7.4g

Anchovies – 0g

Bass – 0.5g

Caviar – 11g

Clams – 2.5g

Cod – 0g

Crab – 0g

Eel – 0g

Flounder – 0g

Grouper – 0g

Haddock – 0g

100g of salmon keto

Halibut – 0g

Herring – 0g

Lobster – 1.2g

Mackerel – 0g

Mahi Mahi – 0g

Mussels – 0g

Orange Roughy – 0g

Oysters – 3.91g

Perch – 0g

Red Snapper – 0g

Rockfish – 0g

Salmon (including Smoked Salmon) – 0g

Sardines – 0g

Scallops – 2.4g

Shark – 0g

Shellfish and other seafood – 3.7g

Shrimp – 0g

Sole – 0g

Squid – 4g

Tilapia – 0g

Trout – 0g

Tuna – 1g

Turbot – 0g

DAIRY100g of cheese keto

Full Fat Cottage Cheese – 2.7g Carbs

Full-Fat Cream Cheese – 2.7g

Full-Fat Sour Cream – 3.5g

Full-Fat Yogurt – 4.7g

Heavy Whipping Cream – 2.7g

Raw Full-Fat Cheeses – 2g


Avocado Oil – 0g

Butter – 0.1g

Cocoa Butter – 0g

100g of oil keto

Coconut Butter – 1.7g

Coconut Oil – 0g

Duck Fat – 0g

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 0g

Lard – 0g

Macadamia Oil – 0g

Olive Oil – 0g

Palm Shortening – 0g

Red Palm Oil – 0g

Tallow – 0g

NUTS & SEEDS100g of almonds keto

Almonds – 32g

Cashews – 6.5g

Chia Seeds – 5g

Hazelnuts – 16.7g

Macadamias – 13.8g

Pecans – 13.9g

Pine Nuts – 5g

Pistachios – 28g

Pumpkin Seeds – 12g

Sesame Seeds – 18.4g

Sunflower Seeds – 17.2g

Walnuts – 13.7g


Artichokes – 11g

Arugula (Rocket) – 3.7g

Asparagus – 4g

Bell Peppers – 6g100g of broccoli keto

Bok Choy – 1.8g

Broccoli – 4.6g

Brussels Sprouts – 9g

Cabbage – 5.6g

Carrots – 8g

Cauliflower – 5.3g

Celery – 3g

Chard – 3.75g

Chicory Greens – 4.7g

Chives – 4.35g

Cucumber – 4g

Dandelion Greens – 9.2g

Eggplant (Aubergine) – 5.7g

Endives – 3.35g

Fennel – 2.97g

Garlic – 33g

Jicama – 8.82g

Kale – 6.7g

Kohlrabi – 6.2g

Leeks – 14g

Lettuce – 3g

Mushrooms (All Kinds) – 3.2g

Mustard Greens – 2.8g

Okra – 7g

Onions – 10.1g

Parsley – 6.3g

Pumpkin – 7.9g

Radishes – 3.4g

Rhubarb – 1.7g

Romaine Lettuce – 3.3g

Scallion – 7.3g

Seaweed (All Sea Vegetables) – 9.6g

Shallots – 16.8g

Spaghetti Squash – 6.3g

Spinach – 3.6g

Tomatoes – 3.9g

Turnip Greens 7.1g

Watercress – 1.3g

Zucchini – 3.35g


100g of strawberry keto

Avocado – 8.5g

Blackberry – 9.6g

Blueberry – 14.6g

Lemon – 9.3g

Lime – 10.5g

Olives – 5.4g

Raspberry – 11.9g

Strawberry – 7.7g

*Eat fruits in moderation. Overall they are very high carb and can quickly knock you out of ketosis.


Almond Milk – 0.6g

Broth (or bouillon) – 0.8g

Cashew Milk – 0g100g of milk keto

Coconut Milk – 3.8g

Coffee – 0g

Herbal Teas – 0.5g

Seltzer Water – 0g

Sparkling Mineral Water – 0g

Tea – 0.2g

Water – 0g

*With no added sugar.


100g of salad dressing keto

Mayonnaise – 24g

Bleu Cheese – 7.4g

Caesar – 3.1g

Full-Fat Ranch – 6.7g

Hot sauce – 1.8g

Italian – 10.4g

Honey Mustard – 44.6g


Almond Butter – 21g

Beef Jerky – 11g

Dark Chocolate – 35.7g

Peanut Butter – 22g

Pickles – 4.1g

Pork Rinds – 0g

Salsa – 7g


With these all in mind, you should have an easy enough time assembling a personal keto shopping list comprised of foods you like. Don’t just stop there, mix and match and try new things out! If you’re going to do a new diet, you might as well try new foods. With a list this comprehensive, you can do that with a generally free conscience.

wicked keto cookbook keto shopping list

This list makes it easy to know what’s OK to eat.

When you’re done buying ingredients, I recommend you try out the Wicked Good Ketogenic Diet cookbook. Combined with this shopping list, you can create some truly delicious and satisfying recipes.

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