It all began with the Atkins diet. Then Whole30. Now, the Ketogenic diet is the newest weight-loss trend sweeping the nation, and I finally realized it was for a good reason.

The results that people are seeing from cutting carbs out of their diet were real for me, and long-lasting. With a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet, the fat practically melted off my body as I reached the state of Ketosis. Once I got there, I started burning through fat for energy, rather than carbs. And I had never looked better!!

But getting there and staying there is where I read that a lot of people have issues. Because shoveling bacon and eggs may sound fun at first, but human beings need variety.

Hence why I quickly realized that if I didn’t get a keto cookbook, I was going to backslide, and QUICKLY. Getting one became a top priority for me.

After trying out quite a few of them, I compiled a list of the ones that I liked the most. I consider these to be some of the best keto cookbooks on the market – after buying a handful of them, borrowing some others from my new keto friends, and seeing reviews of others on the internet. Enjoy!

1. The 28 Day Keto Meal Plan

This is my personal favorite, and a little bit of a cheat. Beyond just being a keto cookbook, this is an entire Keto GUIDE. I learned more about Keto from here than any other resources, and the best part is that it also combined Keto with Intermittent Fasting, which is something I was already interested in exploring.

When I combine the recipes and meal plans along with the dietary knowledge including in this guide, it’s no wonder that it was one of my favorites. It costs around $37 but for me it was worth every penny.

2. Keto Breads and Keto Desserts

When I first got started on Keto, the hardest adjustment was the idea of completely cutting out breads from my diet. I wanted the health benefits and to lose weight, but I knew that if I followed a painfully hard diet, I would probably just yo-yo back.

Enter the Keto Breads cookbook. This cookbook by Kelley Herring taught me that I didn’t have to give up all my favorite breads, sandwiches, pizzas etc. to follow a keto diet. I consider this one of my favorites. The banana bread is just chefs kiss.

3. The Custom Keto Diet

This is one that I tried early on that has high reviews, but didn’t quite meet my standards. This website starts with a short entrance quiz that basically asked me what I expected from it – How much I wanted to lose, what I would like included in my diet, etc.

It all sounded great, but I think ultimately it gave me a little too much freedom. I needed to be instructed on exactly what to eat and why, and giving me the freedom to cheat around what I really needed to accomplish made my progress slower than it had to be.

Still, I think this one was great for a more personal touch.

If these aren’t scratching your itch, it’s possible you might prefer to make your own creations that fit the keto diet. That’s pretty brave (braver than me) but you might want to check out my complete list of keto shopping foods then. At the very least it could give you ideas to springboard off of, and get cracking in the kitchen!