Ultra Fast Keto Boost – Do These Diet Pills Increase Ketosis?

We like keto here. And I’m all for spreading it as much as I can, whether it be through talking about my weight loss experience, or making sure that it’s easy for complete beginners to get into the diet. But I know that even then, it can be hard to get someone to start a new diet. So they start looking for easier ways to go about it…

Enter The Ultra Fast Boost Keto Pills.


One of my readers was asking me what I thought about this product, which, honestly, I had never even heard of before. But when I hear anything talking about “Pills” or “supplements” my skepticism meter starts bouncing off the charts.There are plenty of examples of established supplements, even after they are initially supported by science, later being debunked. WebMD has even done a study on it.

Over half of the United States population takes supplements on a regular basis. But it’s pretty clear that supplement use has no benefit for the general population. Supplements are not a substitute for a healthy balanced diet,

So you can see the type of mindset I was in when I decided to look into these. Nevertheless, I hate to disappoint, so I decided to look into it.

Keto Boost Reviews

First thing I did was look at what other people were saying about the product. I noticed immediately that a good chunk of websites dedicated to talking about the product were simply trying to sell it. The webpages I found were all hastily put together, didn’t really have much information or substance at all, and made sure to include plenty of “buy now! Offer expiring soon!” type B.S. on their page. So right off the bat it was looking like a sketchy program.

On the amazon page itself, you can see a slightly better image… but not by much. The MOST helpful review is just talking about how the product on Amazon matches the one on their own website. The other two most helpful one (this is based on the Amazon ratings) says it works, but you still have to watch your diet as well.

But if they are losing weight while also making dietary changes, how do they know the pills are really doing anything? The only way you could actually determine that is if you made ZERO dietary changes BESIDES adding the pill to your diet. Only then would you know what exactly the pill was doing. In other words, you would have to keep all other aspects of your diet and exercise in control before you could determine if your keto was really being “boosted”.

Oh, and by the way… The rest of the Amazon Reviews? Well, I’ll let you see yourself.

Who is Justified Laboratories?

Justified Laboratories is the name of the company producing these keto supplements. But from what I’ve seen there’s not much you can really trust about them. I went ot their facebook page and it had last been active almost a YEAR ago. Less than a hundred people even bothered to like or follow them. I don’t want to shame them for having low social media presence, but if a keto supplement ACTUALLY increased your ketosis? You can bet their social media would be exploding with activity. This struck me more as something that had been left to the wayside.

What’s In This Supplement? What Are The Ingredients?

The last thing I wanted to look into was the actual ingredients of the supplement. It’s listed on the sales page as a “Proprietary Blend of Magnesium BHB, MCT Powder, Apple Cider Vinegar, [and] Green Tea Leaf”.

My first instinct is why not just take these in their natural forms?

Magnesium BHB is a ketone supplement, which has very little evidence supporting or arguing against its effects – beyond one crucial thing. Appetite suppression.

In one study in 15 people of normal weight, those drinking a beverage containing ketone esters experienced 50% less hunger after an overnight fast than those drinking a sugary beverage.

So in this aspect, maybe this pill has a quality ingredient. But MCT Powder is much less conclusive, and is generally recommended to be taken in oil form for some of the benefits (it’s often added to smoothies, as is known to be easily digested and aide your body by promoting weight loss and boosting energy). Likewise, Apple Cider Vinegar powder has had very few studies done compared it’s natural liquid form (which I actually DO recommend trying).

That leaves Green Tea Powder, which is actually known to have quite a few positive benefits – liver protection, antioxidants, and boost brain function.

But at that point, why are paying so much money for the Ultra Boost pills instead of just getting Green Tea powder?

In general, it seems like this blend of ingredients is specifically comprised of things that have KNOWN health benefits (Green Tea, Apple Cider Vinegar etc.) and then have been packaged in a different form (which may impact how your body responds) and sold off.

In short, everything around this supplement is inconclusive.

Does Keto Boost Work?

Based off what I saw when I looked into the supplement, and what other reviewers were saying, I have to say it’s most likely that this product is a scam, or placebo. There’s nothing about this product that inspires confidence, and you could literally get different forms of the ingredients for cheaper. In my opinion, it’s better off that you save your money and turn it somewhere else.

In all honestly, I would advise that you look AWAY from the diet pills and supplements. There are always going to be products like this that might sell you on an idea as being easily achievable. The idea of “getting to ketosis faster” and “boosting your metabolism” is a nice one, but shortcuts aren’t going to be as effective as actually making the changes to your diet. That said, if you’re still struggling, try getting a customized meal plan. It might make your journey that much easier, like it did for me.

Good luck out there!