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Saris Bike Racks Bones: Honest Review and Tips



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Saris Bike Racks Bones: Honest Review and Tips

The theory goes, ‘the right tool for the job makes all the difference.’ That’s why I’m dissecting the Saris Bike Racks Bones with an analytical eye.

It promises secure transport for my bike, but does it live up to the hype? I’ve put it to the test on my Honda Accord, scrutinizing every feature for its real-world utility and safety.

Here’s my detailed, objective take on whether this rack truly stands up to the rigors of the road.


After extensive research, I’ve chosen the Saris Bones bike rack to transport my two bicycles. This rack stands out because of its durable construction, mostly due to the injection-molded arms and legs that contribute to its strength.

The design features an arc shape that cleverly spaces out the bikes at varying levels, effectively minimizing the risk of them bumping into each other and causing damage. I’m particularly impressed with the thoughtful safety features, such as the spring buckle straps with vinyl-coated hooks that hold the bikes firmly in place while preventing scratches to their frames.
The Saris Bones rack’s versatility is also noteworthy; it fits various vehicles and is even compatible with cars with spoilers. Attention to detail is evident in the design – rubberized feet and coated straps are a nod towards preventing any harm to the vehicle and bikes.
With a load capacity of 70 lbs, it comfortably supports the weight of my bicycles, giving me peace of mind during transport.

Detailed Specifications

Thanks to its solid construction, the Saris Bones bike rack is a reliable choice for transporting bicycles. It can hold two bikes, with a maximum weight of 35 pounds each, which speaks to its strength. The arms and legs of the rack are made from injection-molded materials, ensuring they’re tough and long-lasting.

A noteworthy feature is the arc-based design, which smartly positions the bikes at different levels to minimize contact and prevent potential damage while moving.

In terms of vehicle protection, the rack includes vinyl-coated hooks and feet that are rubberized. This thoughtful inclusion is meant to prevent any scratching or damage to the bike and the car.

Its adaptability is another strong point, with the rack being compatible with a wide range of vehicles, even those with spoilers, which isn’t always a given with bike racks.

Including six durable nylon straps and built-in clamp-locking mechanisms indicates that the rack is designed to be securely attached to a vehicle. However, the suggestion to use additional Velcro straps for the wheels is an insightful tip that highlights a commitment to both stability and safety during transportation.



Strengths and Weaknesses

After thoroughly assessing the Saris Bike Racks Bones, I’ve pinpointed some key strengths that make it a standout product and a handful of weaknesses that potential buyers should be aware of. 


  • Durability: This rack boasts one of the most durable frames available, thanks to its injection-molded arms and legs built to last.
  • Design: Its unique arc-based design smartly separates bikes, significantly reducing the risk of them knocking into each other and causing damage.
  • Compatibility: A major plus is its ability to fit many vehicles, including those with spoilers, which isn’t always the case with bike racks.
  • Protection: The bike rack covers your vehicle and bikes with rubberized feet and coated straps, preventing scratches and other damage.
  • Manufacturing: It’s manufactured in the USA, often translating to a product adhering to stringent quality standards.


  • Installation: Setting up the rack can be a bit complex, and you may encounter some difficulties with strap labeling and accessing the trunk once installed.
  • Stability: During extended trips, the rack may move slightly, so you’ll likely need to tighten the straps periodically to ensure it stays in place.
  • Security: The nylon straps, while sturdy, don’t offer much in the way of theft prevention, so investing in additional locks would be a wise choice for added security.

Final Verdict

Considering all aspects, the Saris Bike Racks Bones emerges as a solid and intuitively designed choice for bike transportation. It boasts a sturdy frame and hard-wearing, injection-molded arms that promise longevity. The unique arc shape of the rack not only gives it an aesthetic edge but separates and safeguards the bikes while on the move. A major plus is its ability to fit a wide range of vehicles and its protective features, such as rubberized feet and coated straps, which help prevent damage to your vehicle and bicycles.

On the downside, this bike rack does present some issues. Reduced rear visibility, the potential for the straps to become less secure over time, and some rack movement during longer drives are concerns that shouldn’t be overlooked. For those who put a premium on safety and a stable hold, it’s wise to perform frequent checks on the strap tightness and possibly add extra fasteners like Velcro straps for the wheels.

With these additional safety steps, the Saris Bones rack is a worthy option for cyclists.



Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Weather Exposure, Particularly to Rain and Snow, Affect the Saris Bones Bike Rack’s Durability and Performance Over Time?

The Saris Bones rack withstands rain, but heavy snow can strain the straps and joints. Regular exposure could lead to wear, making frequent checks and maintenance essential for safety.

I haven’t encountered specific maintenance routines from the manufacturer, but regularly checking the straps and cleaning the rack can help maintain its condition and ensure safety during use.

Can the Saris Bones Bike Rack Be Adapted for Use With Non-Traditional Bikes, Such as Children’s Bikes, Tandem Bicycles, or Bikes With Oversized Frames?

I’ve found that with the Saris Bones rack, adapting it for non-traditional bikes like children’s or tandems involves extra straps or adapters due to their unique sizes and frames for secure transportation.

What Are the Best Practices for Ensuring That the Bike(S) Do Not Obstruct the Vehicle’s Taillights and Turn Signals When Using the Saris Bones Rack?

To ensure bike(s) don’t block taillights and signals, I position them as low as possible, use reflective gear, and consider additional lighting to maintain visibility. It’s crucial for road safety.

Are There Any Known Issues With the Saris Bones Bike Rack’s Compatibility With Electric or Hybrid Vehicles With Battery Packs Located Near the Trunk Area?

Despite potential ebike battery packs, I haven’t experienced issues mounting the Saris Bones rack on hybrid or electric vehicles. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure proper fit and avoid battery interference.

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