Is Carbofix the Best Weight Loss Pill Backed By Science?

Kelly here, back with another supplement review :).

Carbofix is a new weight loss pill designed to help boost your metabolism through natural methods. While alone this claim isn’t too outlandish, it’s the focus on reducing cravings for food (aka appetite suppression) that are really interesting to me.

I’ve talked before about my experience with sleep boosting supplements as a way to lose weight. Things that target fat burning in an indirect way is the only way I would trust something that calls itself a diet pill.

That said, I was in the PERFECT position to see how well Carbofix would function, coming hot off the heels of Resurge.


What is Carbofix?

Carbofix is a brand new supplement designed to boost your metabolism “on command”, through targeting a specific enzyme in the body…


I’ve heard of a couple of different ways to boost your metabolism in the past, usually through dietary changes or fake “magical pills”, but never before have I seen a specific enzyme targeted in the way that Carbofix aims to.

But as it turns out, there are legitimate studies that back the idea of the AMPk enzyme having recently been discovered to be a major key in unlocking weight loss. And the supplements creator, Matt Stirling (a fitness and training coach), swears by this research.

How does Carbofix work?

According to the carbofix official website, the AMPk enzymes converts sugar and fat into energy while also decreasing hunger – a two-pronged attack on weight gain. Easy enough to understand why it would be so important…

But is it true?

I like to do my own research into products before I buy them, rather than going off the claims they make. A study from the Journal of Clinical Investigation corroborates Matt Stirling’s claims about the AMPk Enzyme.

According to the Journal of Clinical Investigation

“AMPk controls whole-body glucose homeostasis by regulating metabolism in multiple peripheral tissues, such as skeletal muscle, liver, adipose tissues, and pancreatic β cells.”

There was also an incredibly detailed study in the New Hope Network from Michael Murray MD on AMPk, “Is activating AMPk the key to weight loss?“.

In it, he describes AMPk as a “master regulating switch” in energy metabolism, crediting it with determining our body fat composition and even the amount of belly fat we carry. He also says that dietary strategies and food components greatly influence AMPk activity.

Here are some of the proven AMPk activators they list out:

  • Calorie restriction
  • Intense exercise
  • “Good” oils (Olive oil, coconut oil)
  • Mitchondrial enhances like creatine and carnitine
  • “Numerous Botanicals”  (green tea, cinnamon, and berberine)

Dr. Micahel Murray then concludes his research on AMPk activation by theorizing that it will be the future of dietary supplements as they catch on. AKA, this might be the next “viral” supplement.

And, as Carbofix shows, he was right.

Carbofix Ingredients

Now that we know that AMPk is a real enzyme that has been proven to be key in metabolism and weight management, and we also now know that it really is possible to influence it, the question is whether or not CARBOFIX can actually achieve this.

And thankfully, it’s easy for us to check because Carbofix is made of 100% all natural ingredients.

I LOVE natural supplements for one reason: you can literally look up whether or not the ingredients are capable of doing what the creator says. So let’s do a dive in Carbofix and see whether or not it’s ingredients are capable of influence AMPk, or your metabolism in general. It’s worth noting that a lot of the ingredients are vitamins, so while you can get them in small doses from food sources, they’ve been extracted to maximize potency for Carbofix. Starting with…


Berberine seems to be the key ingredient of Carbofix, and its effect on AMP-Activation have been well researched. From DiabetesJournal…

Berberine reduced body weight and caused a significant improvement in glucose tolerance without altered food intake. Furthermore, Berberine has been found to have beneficial effects in Type 2 diabetes, regulation of which is heavily linked to dietary changes.

Lastly, let’s not forget that berberine is one of the “numerous botanicals” that were shown to activate AMPk in the list from Michael Murray above.


Cinnamon (Bark)

Next on the list of ingredients was cinnamon. While the jargon from the US National Library of Medicine is a ittle hard to understand, the main takeaway is that Cinnamon Extract was shown to “increase glucose uptake”, and was counted among natural compounds that would “stimulate AMPK activity”.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

This study was short and to the point with its conclusion –

“Alpha-lipoic acid increases energy expenditure by enhancing AMPK”


In this – admittedly jargon heavy – study, Chromium was found to increase AMPk signaling and activity, as well as positively impacting sekeltal muscle cell insulin sensitivity and glucose regulation.


Benfotiamine not only promoted AMPk, but it did it in high carbohydrate diets as well. Usually, cutting carbs is the first suggestion to go out when weight loss is on the table. From the study – “mitochondrial dysfunction is a crucial triggering factor of metabolic diseases such as insulin resistance and diabetes”.

Supplementing “mitochondrial nutrients could bring about a series of physiological benefits on mictochrondrial structure”.


Naringin is an interesting one, seeing as it was tried and proven to reduce body weight in OBESE mice (and yes, it did also succesfully activate AMPk). Source.

It seems like there was a reason that Carbofix was so transparent about it’s ingredients on the official website – because they have all been studied, researched, and found to have an impact on the AMPk enzyme.

Is Carbofix Safe?

This is actually an important question to ask yourself before you take any supplement. However, a big part of Carbofix’s appeal is that it has only all natural ingredients, although some of the vitamins are more refined than most people are used to. So, as long as you’re not allergic to any of them (and make sure you check the label on the bottle) it is definitely safe to try it out.

After all, there’s only SIX ingredients in this supplement.

Not to mention, each bottle of Carbofix is manufactured in a CGMP facility that is FDA approved.

It’s also worth noting that taking ONE supplement every day is a LOT EASIER than hours of rigorous exercise, or trying a starvation diet, in order to lose weight. There are a ton of people who haven’t been as active in recent times and are gaining weight, and are resorting to those other methods right now. If you can work smarter, rather than harder, and achieve weight loss results, why wouldn’t you?

That said, if you’re going to take this, you need to be consistent. Taking it once a week isn’t going to cut it, you need to go all in for a period of time and really commit – so I would recommend springing for the 3 month supply (especially since it comes at a discount).

Should I Get Carbofix?

Knowing that the science is sound and peer-reviewed, the only question is whether or not you want to actually invest in Carbofix. It’s reasonably priced for a supplement (EDIT: There seems to be a discount going on at the moment!)

The thing is though, results are always going to vary from person-to-person when it comes to anything weight loss. The science is sound, but are you going to see results? Are you going to see the same results your neighbors or friends might? The only real way to know… is to try. Order a bottle yourself and take the plunge. It currently costs only $49 per bottle (can be as cheap as $34 per bottle if you order a greater supply, which is probably smarter since you need to take this for a while anyway).


  • Comprised of all natural ingredients and plant extracts
  • Each ingredient has been proven to enhance the AMPK enzyme
  • The AMPK Enzyme itself is proven to have an impact on metabolism
  • Many of the ingredients are also linked with reducing and regulating symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes, which suggests (but does not PROVE) an improvement in your body’s health overall, not just in your weight.
  • It’s sold on Clickbank, which means you have a 60-day money back guarantee. You can try it for 2 months and refund it if it doesn’t work for you.
  • Taking a pill is easier than engaging in rigorous and regular exercise.


  • It’s a pill, so you have to keep getting more of it.
  • As a pill you may need to consult with an advisor before you take it with any you might already be using.
  • Although there is a fantastic transformation story on the website, results will vary from person to person. It’s hard to say whether or not you’ll experience the same rapid weight loss that she did. That said, the science supports that you should see SOMETHING.

One important thing to note is that Carbofix never promises to work overnight, nor should you expect it to. With supplements like this, you typically want to wait a month or two before you can measure whether or not it’s really working. I would once again recommend going for the 3 month supply – it should be the perfect amount of time to look back at your results, or lack there-of, and decide if you want to continue supplementing with it or not.


Carbofix is a legitimate, natural supplement. For once, all of the claims are backed by genuine science, which is nice to see.

The ingredients are all natural, safe, and have been proven in multiple studies to have beneficial effects on weight loss through the AMPk enzyme. The only real drawback seems to be that you’re going to have to keep taking this pill every morning to see the kind of results they promise, but that’s so much easier than trying out an experimental diet or traveling to the gym to do high intensity cardio.

I was just intending to review this product, but after doing my research I ended up buying it. This one really seems like a winner to me.

I’ve placed my order and will be updating with my own results in 3 months time (I bought the 3 month supply for the discount). Results will of course vary from person to person, so it may prove more (or less) effective for some people than others. But what was important to me was making sure it was even possible to achieve the results Carbofix promises.

And the answer is yes.

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