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Thule 910XT Passage 2 Bike Trunk Mount Carrier Review



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Thule 910XT Passage 2 Bike Trunk Mount Carrier Review

I’m looking at the details of the Thule 910XT Passage for an inexpensive bike carrier. As a safety-conscious cyclist, this carrier is a reliable travel companion. It cradles my bikes securely, ensuring they arrive unscathed.

I’ll break down its strengths and weaknesses through my analytical lens, providing a thorough review. Please stick with me as I navigate the ins and outs of this essential gear for the road-bound biker.

Carrier Summary

After thoroughly evaluating the Thule 910XT Passage 2 Bike Trunk Mount Carrier, I can confidently say its design is intuitive and secure for carrying up to two bicycles. One feature that stands out is the patented FitDial system, which ensures the carrier fits snugly against the vehicle, providing a stable ride for your bike. 

Adding Stay-Put anti-sway cages is another thoughtful addition, coupled with soft rubber cradles to minimize movement. This combination effectively prevents unwanted contact between the bikes and the vehicle, a common concern for many users.

The carrier’s arms, which conveniently fold down when you’re not transporting bikes, are designed to handle a diverse array of bike frames. This adaptability makes it suitable for various cyclists, whether you’re taking a child’s bike or an adult mountain bike on your trip.

The six-strap system that holds the rack in place is robust and is complemented by vinyl-coated buckles that offer a dual benefit: they keep the rack securely mounted and also protect your car’s paint from scratches or damage.

In terms of safety and reliability, this carrier excels. Thule has put significant effort into making a product that does the job well and ensures that your cycling adventures start and end without damage to your bike or car.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Safety and Stability: The carrier includes anti-sway cages and soft cradles that work together to keep bikes securely in place, reducing movement and the chance of scratches or other damage.
  • Ease of Use: Thanks to the patented FitDial system, you can quickly adjust the carrier for a snug, proper fit on your vehicle, making it a convenient choice for users.


  • Compatibility: It’s worth noting that it mightn’t be the right fit for all cars, particularly those with unusual factory spoilers, and you might need to buy extra attachments.
  • Load Limit: The capacity to hold only two bikes is not the best option for larger groups or families who want to travel with several bikes.

Final Verdict

The Thule 910XT Passage 2 Bike Trunk Mount Carrier stands out for its stability and user-friendliness. After using this carrier, I’ve noticed it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, especially not for larger families or for those with cars that don’t fit the mold.

This carrier’s build quality and materials do a great job of keeping bikes steady and safeguarding the bikes and the car from scratches or dents. Its patented FitDial system makes setup a breeze and securely fits a wide range of standard vehicles.

However, its capacity to carry only two bikes might be a letdown for anyone needing to transport more at once. Also, if your car has a unique design or a spoiler, you might encounter compatibility issues.



Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Thule 910XT Passage 2 Bike Trunk Mount Carrier Perform in Adverse Weather Conditions, Such as Heavy Rain or Snow?

The Thule 910XT stands up well in heavy rain and snow, with its rubber cradles and anti-sway cages ensuring a secure, protective hold that prioritizes safety even in harsh weather conditions.

Can the Thule 910XT Be Used on Vehicles With Non-Standard Spoilers or Customized Bodywork, and Are There Special Considerations or Additional Accessories Required for These Cases?

Navigating the unique contours of non-standard spoilers, I’ve found that while the Thule 910XT fits, it may need extra accessories for a secure grip, ensuring that my precious cargo remains safe on the road.

I regularly check the straps and cradles for wear and tear to ensure my bike carrier’s safety. Thule recommends using mild soap and water for cleaning and keeping the moving parts lubricated.

Is the Thule 910XT Passage 2 Compatible With Electric Bikes, and if So, What Are the Weight Limitations and Considerations for Carrying Heavier Bikes?

I’m mindful that electric bikes’ heft requires careful consideration. The Thule 910XT supports them, but it’s crucial not to exceed the weight limit for safety and to maintain the rack’s integrity.

In a Lost Key or Malfunctioning Lock, What Are the Steps for Obtaining Replacements or Servicing the Locking Mechanisms on the Thule 910XT Carrier?

If I lose my key or have a lock issue, I’ll contact Thule customer service for a replacement or repair. They’ll provide detailed guidance on securing my bike carrier again safely and efficiently.

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