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Top 10 International Cycling Tours for Beginners



Top 10 International Cycling Tours for Beginners

Hello, adventure enthusiasts! Are you interested in setting off on a thrilling cycling tour?

If so, I have gathered information on the top 10 international cycling tours that are perfect for beginners. These tours take you to beautiful locations such as the quaint Loire Valley in France and awe-inspiring Patagonia in Argentina. They offer an invigorating experience of exploring the globe on your bike.

So, let’s get started and learn more about these fantastic cycling tours!

France: Loire Valley Tour

The Loire Valley Tour in France is a fantastic way to experience the country’s beauty while indulging in some physical activity. If you’re someone who relishes the thrill of journeying through new territories on a bicycle, this tour will feel like a dream come true. Known for its awe-inspiring landscapes, quaint towns, and grand chateaus, the Loire Valley is a visual delight.

As you cycle along the serene riverbanks, you’ll experience a profound sense of peace and freedom. The cycling paths are well-kept, making them beginner-friendly, and the presence of seasoned guides ensures that you can cycle comfortably at your preferred speed. The journey is punctuated with stops where you can enjoy the region’s delectable cuisine and exquisite wines.

Italy: Tuscany and Chianti Ride

After a delightful journey through the Loire Valley, it’s time to set your sights on another scenic destination – the Tuscany and Chianti regions in Italy. This breathtaking area offers a one-of-a-kind cycling adventure, with its undulating hills, lush vineyards, and quaint villages. It’s an ideal spot for those new to cycling and looking to appreciate Italy’s natural splendor.

Here are four factors which make the Tuscany and Chianti ride a worthy addition to your cycling itinerary:

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  • Lose yourself in the awe-inspiring landscapes of Tuscany and Chianti.
  • Visit the historical cities of Florence and Siena, each brimming with a wealth of cultural significance.
  • Savor the renowned Tuscan cuisine, which includes delectable wine and olive oil tastings.
  • Experience the genuine warmth and hospitality of the locals, who are known for their cycling enthusiasm and willingness to share it with visitors.

As our journey continues, the next stop on our cycling tour is the breathtaking Camino de Santiago Trail in Spain. This path offers yet another unique and exciting cycling experience for those seeking to explore the beauty of Europe on two wheels.

Spain: Camino De Santiago Trail

If you’re an avid cyclist seeking an exceptional trail in Spain, consider riding the Camino de Santiago Trail.

This pathway will genuinely astound you with its magnificent scenic views and landscapes.

It’s a trail that welcomes cyclists of varying abilities, from novices to seasoned riders.

As you pedal along, you’ll encounter a fascinating mix of historical and cultural points of interest.

Scenic Routes and Landscapes

During my bike trip on the Camino De Santiago Trail in Spain, the splendid scenery and the beautiful landscapes left an indelible impression on my mind. The journey took me across some of the most exotic regions of Spain, providing a visual treat and an unparalleled sense of liberation.

Below, I share some of the most picturesque spots and landscapes that I came across:

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  • Countryside replete with greenery and quaint hamlets
  • Expansive hills and vineyards that spanned beyond the horizon
  • Grand mountains that added a touch of drama to the trail
  • Exquisite coastal scenes, complete with clear blue waters and sandy beaches

Every twist and turn on the trail brought forth a fresh and stunning vista, making the Camino De Santiago Trail a must-visit for cyclists who relish a blend of physical exertion and natural splendor.

As a traveler, I always say, ‘Every journey has a story to tell and every landscape paints a picture that stays with you forever.’

Historical and Cultural Attractions

During my cycling trip on the Camino De Santiago Trail in Spain, I was mesmerized by the rich historical and cultural components that lent an extraordinary dimension to my travels. The trail is adorned with stunning medieval buildings, quaint towns, and awe-inspiring landscapes that have stood the test of time and witnessed countless pilgrims’ journeys to Santiago de Compostela.

The trail itself is a historical artifact, with its roots tracing back to the 9th century when it rose to prominence as a key Christian pilgrimage route. As I cycled through the photogenic countryside, I passed by old-world churches, monasteries, and stone crosses, each brimming with tales of the past.

The Camino De Santiago Trail offers more than a biking adventure; it’s like time-travel, engrossing you in the pulsating history and rich culture of Spain. The icing on the cake is that this trail is a fit for everyone, irrespective of your cycling prowess. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned cyclist, the trail has something for everyone.

As a wise traveler once said, ‘To travel is to live, and to live is to learn.’ This trail personifies that quote in every sense.

Suitable for All Levels

The Camino De Santiago Trail located in Spain is a perfect cycling route for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a novice or an experienced cyclist. It’s an excellent way to see the breathtaking beauty of Spain while also experiencing its vibrant history and culture. Here are the reasons why the Camino De Santiago Trail is considered an all-inclusive cycling route:

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  • Clear directions: The trail is marked well, facilitating easy navigation, especially for newcomers.
  • Diverse landscapes: The trail boasts a balance of flat paths and gentle slopes, accommodating various cycling proficiencies.
  • Comprehensive facilities: Cyclists can find a variety of services along the route including accommodations, bicycle rental stores, and other cyclist-friendly facilities.
  • Cultural exposure: The path offers a journey through quaint villages and historic towns, providing a taste of local culture and customs.

Next in line for an exhilarating cycling experience is the Douro Valley Cycling Adventure in Portugal.

Portugal: Douro Valley Cycling Adventure

The Portugal: Douro Valley Cycling Adventure was an absolute delight. This cycling journey is ideally suited for novices who are keen on appreciating Portugal’s beauty while relishing the thrill of biking.

The Douro Valley is renowned for its splendid landscapes, captivating vineyards, and quaint villages. As I cycled amidst the rolling hills and beside the meandering river, a sense of freedom and excitement washed over me. The well-organized routes gave me the liberty to appreciate the mesmerizing views at my leisure, pausing to enjoy the local delicacies and savor the region’s globally acclaimed wines.

The adventure was complemented by cozy accommodations and erudite guides, striking a perfect equilibrium between challenge and relaxation.

Let’s now move to the next enticing location on our itinerary: the Dalmatian Coast Ride in Croatia.

Croatia: Dalmatian Coast Ride

If you’re a novice cyclist and you’re interested in touring Croatia, the Dalmatian Coast Ride is an excellent choice.

The routes along the coast are picturesque, providing stunning views of the Adriatic Sea.

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The cycle paths are superbly kept and can accommodate cyclists of various skill levels.

As you ride, you’ll get to visit some of the region’s cultural gems, including historical towns, ancient ruins, and quaint coastal villages.

This tour offers a unique way to experience the beauty and history of Croatia.

Scenic Coastal Routes

If you’re a beginner cyclist looking for an unforgettable tour, the Croatia: Dalmatian Coast Ride should be on your radar. This tour offers a chance to experience the stunningly beautiful Dalmatian Coast firsthand.

  • The Adriatic’s vibrant hues: As you cycle along the coast, you’ll be in awe of the Adriatic Sea’s beautiful turquoise blue colors.
  • Historic seaside towns: You’ll get the chance to visit quaint towns like Split and Dubrovnik, known for their medieval architecture and lively ambiance.
  • Stunning natural beauty: The Dalmatian Coast’s rugged landscapes, complete with towering cliffs and awe-inspiring views, are a sight to behold.
  • Mouth-watering local cuisine: Don’t forget to try the tasty seafood dishes at local eateries, where you’ll get to taste the Adriatic’s bounty.

The Croatia: Dalmatian Coast Ride provides beginners with an excellent opportunity to enjoy the thrill of cycling in the great outdoors while soaking up the coast’s remarkable views. So, gear up your bicycle and prepare for an incredible journey along the Dalmatian Coast.

As one cyclist put it, ‘Every turn on the Dalmatian Coast Ride offers a new, breathtaking view. It’s a trip you’ll remember for a lifetime.’

Beginner-Friendly Cycling Trails

Cycling Trails for Beginners

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Set your sights on the Dalmatian Coast’s cycling trails, a haven for beginners. The Dalmatian Coast Ride in Croatia is a blend of picturesque views, cultural experiences, and accessible terrain. It’s an excellent choice for cycling novices.

One trail that garners a lot of attention is the Split to Dubrovnik route. Spanning roughly 200 kilometers in seven days, this trail provides beginners with an opportunity to soak in the coastal beauty, traverse mostly flat landscapes, and visit charming seaside towns.

If you’re interested in a shorter excursion, consider the island of Hvar. It’s known for its cycling paths designed for beginners and its gentle slopes. Plus, the views are simply breathtaking, making it a paradise for cyclists, regardless of their experience level.

No matter if you opt for a lengthy coastal journey or a quick trip on Hvar, the Dalmatian Coast Ride in Croatia promises a memorable time for beginner cyclists. So, get on your bike and experience the thrill of the open road as you take in the Dalmatian Coast’s awe-inspiring landscapes.

As a wise cyclist once said, ‘The journey on a bike is about more than the destination. It’s about the landscapes you pass, the culture you soak in, and the freedom you feel on the open road.’

Cultural Highlights to Explore

While I was on my bike, traversing the Dalmatian Coast Ride in Croatia, I found myself engrossed in the culturally rich sites that were present at each juncture. The depth of history and vivacious customs of this coastal region added an additional dimension of thrill to my biking expedition.

Here are four cultural points of interest that I strongly advise you to experience:

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  • The Old Town of Dubrovnik: Cycling through the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik felt akin to traveling back through the centuries. The slim streets, archaic structures, and quaint plazas bear witness to the city’s intriguing bygone era.
  • The Diocletian’s Palace in Split: A visit to this UNESCO World Heritage site is absolutely worth it. Riding through the palace’s slim lanes and observing its remarkable architecture is an experience like no other.
  • The Historic Center of Trogir: This petite island town is a repository of magnificent architecture from varying epochs, featuring Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles. Roaming its lanes on a bike is an exceptional way to admire its splendor.
  • The Old Town of Korčula: Famed as the birthplace of Marco Polo, the Old Town of Korčula is a labyrinth of slim lanes and medieval structures. Biking around the town’s ancient walls provides stunning views of the Adriatic Sea.

As you cycle along the Dalmatian Coast Ride, immerse yourself in Croatia’s cultural legacy. Each of these locations provides a peek into the country’s enthralling history and customs, adding another layer of significance to your biking journey.

To quote an old saying, ‘Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.’ This quote perfectly encapsulates the biking journey along the Dalmatian Coast Ride in Croatia.

Thailand: Chiang Mai Countryside Exploration

My cycling tour through the rural areas of Chiang Mai in Thailand was an absolute delight. The calm and picturesque environment, combined with the exhilaration of cycling on open roads, resulted in a memorable journey.

The verdant rice fields, quaint villages, and towering mountains that I cycled past were a sight for sore eyes. Chiang Mai’s rural areas offer a harmonious blend of peace and thrill, making it a perfect spot for beginners. The roads are in good condition and mostly level, ensuring a smooth ride, but also have enough twists and turns to keep the journey interesting.

During my trip, I got to experience the local culture firsthand, coming across hidden temples and interacting with the warm-hearted local people.

The experience of cycling through Chiang Mai’s rural areas was both freeing and deeply fulfilling.

Argentina: Patagonian Lakes Route

During my travels through the countryside of Chiang Mai in Thailand, I unearthed a perfect balance of tranquility and excitement. Now, we’ll turn our attention to the scenic Patagonian Lakes Route in Argentina. This captivating bike tour guides you through the awe-striking landscapes of Patagonia, known for its limpid lakes, snow-dusted mountains, and verdant forests.

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Here’s why every novice cyclist should consider adding the Patagonian Lakes Route to their wish list:

  • Breathtaking Lakes: While cycling, you’ll be side by side with the jaw-dropping Nahuel Huapi, Lago Puelo, and Lago Lacar. Their unspoiled beauty will leave you spellbound.
  • Diverse Terrains: The thrill of biking through a variety of landscapes, from undulating hills to sharp mountain passes, offers an exhilarating venture for cyclists of all abilities.
  • Homely Villages: Pay a visit to charming hamlets like Bariloche and San Martin de los Andes. There, you’ll have a chance to soak up the local culture and savour delectable Argentine dishes.
  • Encounters with Wildlife: Maintain vigilance for local fauna such as guanacos, condors, and even penguins as you pedal through this ecological haven.

New Zealand: South Island Discovery

For those with a passion for cycling and adventure, the South Island Discovery tour in New Zealand is a must-try.

The island’s breathtaking scenery makes it a prime choice for novice cyclists seeking a picturesque and pleasurable ride. Its well-kept paths and forgiving landscape provide an ideal mix of mild challenge and sheer enjoyment.

Stunning Landscapes for Cycling

Taking a bike trip across the picturesque landscapes of South Island in New Zealand is nothing short of thrilling. This island’s beauty is a spectacle of nature, featuring everything from high-reaching, snow-topped mountains, to shimmering lakes and verdant forests.

Here’s why should you consider making this scenic journey on your bike:

  • The Southern Alps: Experience the grandeur of towering peaks and expansive valleys by biking through the Southern Alps.
  • Fiordland National Park: The spectacular fjords of Milford Sound or Doubtful Sound will leave you breathless during your cycling journey.
  • Queenstown: Known as New Zealand’s hub for adventure, Queenstown is nestled amidst stunning mountains with exciting bike trails.
  • West Coast: Unspoiled beaches, dense rainforests, and impressive glaciers make the West Coast a must-visit.

It’s clear to see why the South Island’s diverse and stunning landscapes make it a haven for cycling enthusiasts.

Let’s discuss an ideal starting route for those new to the cycling scene.

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Ideal Route for Beginners

For those just starting off with cycling, I’d suggest setting off on the South Island of New Zealand. Its captivating landscapes, pleasant locals, and excellent cycle paths make it an ideal spot for beginners yearning for an escapade on two wheels.

The South Island Discovery route is particularly impressive, presenting some of the most extraordinary landscapes you’ll ever witness. You’ll traverse the robust coastline of the Kaikoura Peninsula and the towering Southern Alps, where every turn of the wheel offers a new, awe-inspiring view. The journey also includes visits to quaint towns such as Queenstown and Nelson. Here, you can replenish your energy with the local fare and enjoy the cordiality the Kiwis are renowned for.

While cycling through the South Island, you’ll likely encounter native wildlife, relax in nature’s own hot springs, and even pause for thrilling activities like bungee jumping or skydiving. There’s no need to delay – New Zealand is waiting for your cycling adventure.

Next, we venture north to Canada for another thrilling ride: the Canadian Rockies Cycling Expedition.

Canada: Canadian Rockies Cycling Expedition

A cycling journey through the Canadian Rockies can be an unforgettable experience. The region’s stunning natural beauty and varied terrain provide a thrilling ride for cyclists, regardless of their experience level.

The following reasons may persuade you to choose the Canadian Rockies as the destination for your next cycling journey:

  • Unforgettable Landscapes: While pedalling through the Rockies, you’ll be amazed by the towering mountain peaks, shimmering lakes, and dense forests.
  • Diverse Wildlife: Keep your eyes open for the chance to spot wildlife like bears, elk, and moose in the national parks.
  • Demanding Trails: The mountain passes and winding roads provide an opportunity to test your endurance and skill, promising a fulfilling and exciting experience.
  • Friendly Locals: The hospitality of the local communities is heartwarming. As you visit quaint towns, you can also savour the delectable local Canadian food.

Vietnam: Mekong Delta Bike Tour

As we continue our journey through beginner-friendly international cycling tours, we now focus on the Mekong Delta Bike Tour in Vietnam. This tour is an excellent choice for those with a spirit of adventure and a thirst for freedom. Referred to as Vietnam’s ‘rice bowl,’ the Mekong Delta is a blend of breathtaking landscapes, lively markets, and a deeply rooted cultural heritage.

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Cycling through the verdant countryside, you’ll get a firsthand look at the local people’s day-to-day activities. These individuals depend on the delta’s fertile soil to earn their living. We’ll ride along narrow waterways, with floating markets and quaint villages as our backdrop, providing us with a genuine taste of Vietnamese life.

The Mekong Delta Bike Tour, with its level terrain and well-kept routes, is an excellent choice for novice cyclists. It allows you to appreciate the serenity and splendor of the Mekong Delta from the vantage point of a bicycle.

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