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Top 12 Breathtaking International Cycling Tours



Top 12 Breathtaking International Cycling Tours

I’ve cycled across beautiful terrains, felt the breeze on my skin, and loved the excitement of uncovering fresh places on a bicycle.

Brace yourself for the trip of your dreams with these 12 awe-inspiring cycling tours across the globe.

From the awe-inspiring Amalfi Coast in Italy to the breathtaking Swiss Alps in Switzerland, these tours will expose you to the planet’s spectacular beauty.

So, get your bicycle ready and let’s start this thrilling ride together!

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Why opt for a bike ride along Italy’s Amalfi Coast, you ask? Well, let’s take a journey with words to give you a taste.

Picture yourself pedaling on twisting coastal roads, the eye-soothing views of the glittering Mediterranean Sea unfolding before you. Feel the warm wind playfully tousling your hair as you skirt past endearing villages perched on cliffs, each radiating its own unique charm.

The Amalfi Coast, with its mix of challenging ascents and heart-racing descents, is a haven for those who love the thrill of cycling. The freedom and joy experienced on two wheels here is unmatched. And of course, the gastronomic delights of Italy will be your companion, providing the much-needed energy for the next exciting segment of your ride.

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So, are you ready to experience a cycling journey that will etch itself on your heart? The Amalfi Coast awaits you! As an Italian proverb goes, ‘A tavola non si invecchia’, at the table with good friends and family, you don’t become old.

Ring of Kerry, Ireland

During my cycling journey in the scenic Ring of Kerry in Ireland, I was mesmerized by the raw allure of the rural surroundings. Twisting paths guided me through vibrant green pastures, beside glistening lakes, and by towering cliffs falling into the tumultuous Atlantic Ocean waves.

The Ring of Kerry provides an ideal setting for cycling enthusiasts, with its challenging topography and stunning panoramas. I pedaled through quaint hamlets, greeted by amicable villagers and the melodious tunes of traditional Irish music. The journey also took me to age-old ruins and historical landmarks, providing a dash of mystery and excitement.

However, I was clueless about the more thrilling cycling adventure that lay ahead on Australia’s Great Ocean Road.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

Continuing my bicycle trip, I set off on the mesmerizing Great Ocean Road in Australia, soaking in its awe-striking coastal landscapes. This iconic road, stretching over 240 kilometers, meanders along Victoria’s beautiful southern coast, offering cyclists a matchless adventure.

As I pedaled along, the sight of the craggy cliffs, gleaming sandy beaches, and crystal-clear turquoise waters was a sight to behold. The road followed the coastline closely, giving me a front-row seat to the splashing waves and dramatic rock formations, including the well-known Twelve Apostles.

The Great Ocean Road also led me through quaint coastal towns, where I took breaks to enjoy some fresh seafood and engage with the warm-hearted locals. This bicycle tour is the epitome of freedom, providing cyclists with the opportunity to experience Australia’s natural beauty at their leisure.

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‘Traveling on the Great Ocean Road by bike is like having an intimate conversation with nature – it’s peaceful, inspiring, and truly liberating.’

Inca Trail, Peru

The Inca Trail in Peru is a standout destination for cycling enthusiasts for a variety of reasons.

Primarily, the trail’s historical significance is profound, as it was once a sacred route tread by the ancient Inca civilization. The experience of pedaling along this path provides a tangible connection to this rich past.

Peru’s picturesque landscapes, which comprise everything from icy peaks to dense rainforests, also greatly enhance the experience. The country’s natural beauty provides a stunning backdrop for the ride.

Lastly, the Inca Trail promises a distinct sense of adventure and challenge. Its steep inclines and rugged paths test your endurance and grit, but the feeling of achievement at the end is immeasurable.

Ready your bike and gear up for a cycling tour that combines history, nature, and adventure in an unforgettable blend.

Historical Significance of Inca Trail

My personal journey through the Inca Trail in Peru gave me a profound understanding of its historical importance. As I pedaled my bike on this ancient trail, the rich past of the place was palpable.

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Here are some key historical points about the trail:

  • The Inca Trail was more than just a road; it was a crucial link in the Inca Empire, serving as a lifeline between the capital city of Cusco and the sacred Machu Picchu.
  • Ruins such as Wiñay Wayna and Intipata dot the trail, offering travelers a peek into the life of the ancient Incas.
  • The trail is a living testament to the Incas’ advanced engineering skills, evident in its impeccably carved stone steps and awe-inspiring terraces.

My ride through this historical marvel stirred a profound sense of connection with history. Yet, the historical relevance of the Inca Trail is merely one facet of this journey that makes it captivating.

Next, we’ll discuss the trail’s breathtaking natural beauty of Peru.

Scenic Beauty of Peru

On my bike ride along Peru’s iconic Inca Trail, I found myself surrounded by awe-inspiring natural splendor. The path meanders through the majestic Andes Mountains, providing sweeping views of frosted peaks, fertile valleys, and pristine lakes. As my journey progressed, the brilliant hues of wildflowers and the verdant forests provided a perfect canvas of beauty.

My route led me past ancient Inca ruins, adding a fascinating layer of history and intrigue to the already impressive surroundings. From towering cliffs to tumbling waterfalls, each bend in the trail unfolded a fresh, breathtaking scene. Peru is indeed a haven for those who appreciate nature and crave adventure.

As I soaked in the scenic splendor of Peru, I found myself eagerly looking forward to the exciting challenges and adventures that this remarkable cycling tour promised.

Adventure and Challenge

During my thrilling bike ride along Peru’s Inca Trail, I faced a myriad of adventures and hurdles. It’s a journey that appeals to the adventurous spirit, boasting awe-inspiring vistas and an unrivaled sense of adventure. Here, I share some memorable moments from my trip:

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  • Pedaling through the lush wilderness of the Sacred Valley, I was surrounded by a kaleidoscope of plant and animal life.
  • I tackled sharp, twisty mountain trails, experiencing a surge of excitement with each thrilling descent.
  • I had the chance to see ancient Inca landmarks like Machu Picchu, awestruck by the architectural ingenuity of a bygone civilization.

The Inca Trail is a testament to one’s grit, stamina, and tenacity. Each twist and turn presents a new challenge and a fresh reward. The feeling of pride and liberation one feels upon overcoming each hurdle is beyond compare.

As we leave behind the majestic Inca Trail and turn our attention to the spellbinding charm of France’s Loire Valley, let’s delve into another stunning cycling destination.

To quote an unknown adventurer, "Every journey is the start of a new adventure, and every challenge is a stepping stone to victory."

Loire Valley, France

Cycling in the Loire Valley of France is a memory etched on the canvas of time. As I cycle along the serpentine trails, the aroma of blossoming flowers engulfs me, and a soothing breeze rustles the leaves. The Loire River, with its glittering water, stands as a mirror to the sheer beauty of nature around me.

The valley offers a visual feast of mesmerizing landscapes, stretching from undulating hills to verdant meadows. Each bend on the trail presents a fresh spectacle – an idyllic hamlet dotted with rustic cottages or a majestic château straight out of a storybook.

The Loire Valley allows me to journey at my leisure, soak in its deep-seated history, and revel in the joy of unbridled cycling.

In the words of an anonymous traveler, ‘The Loire Valley doesn’t just show you its beauty, it lets you live it.’

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Danube River, Europe

Want to experience the grandeur of the Danube River while cycling in Europe? It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Just get on your bicycle and begin a remarkable journey following the course of the Danube River. This path promises breathtaking landscapes, quaint towns, and a deep dive into history.

Here’s how you can maximize your cycling tour:

  • Take time to appreciate the scenic vineyards of the Wachau Valley, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Get familiar with the lively city of Vienna. This place is famous for its grand imperial palaces and traditional coffeehouses.
  • Ride along the river, absorbing the magnificent views of the Danube Bend.

As you cycle along the Danube, you’ll find yourself mesmerized by the river’s serene beauty and the liberating feeling offered by a European cycling tour. But don’t stop there. Consider extending your adventure to the Garden Route in South Africa, promising further thrilling experiences.

As the renowned travel writer Robert Louis Stevenson once said, ‘I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.’ So keep moving and keep exploring.

Garden Route, South Africa

During my bike ride along the Garden Route in South Africa, I couldn’t help but be drawn in by the remarkable coastal scenery that revealed itself to me. The route provided an ideal blend of thrilling mountain biking tracks and serene spaces where I could appreciate the awe-inspiring views.

Yet, what made this cycling journey stand out were the unanticipated encounters with wildlife – from observing grand elephants to noticing frolicking dolphins from afar.

Scenic Coastal Landscapes

The Garden Route in South Africa is a haven for those who appreciate stunning natural beauty. As I pedal down the path, I’m entranced by the breathtaking coastal landscapes that envelop me. Here, the vibrant blue of the Indian Ocean blends seamlessly with the rich greenery of the coastal forests, creating an awe-inspiring backdrop for my journey. The salty breeze gently grazes my face as I ride past golden beaches and rocky cliffs, each providing a unique, awe-inspiring view.

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The Garden Route is a paradise for nature enthusiasts, and the cycling tour allows me to fully experience its splendor. Pedaling along the rugged coastline, with waves fiercely clashing against the rocks. Pedaling through charming coastal towns, soaking up their lively atmosphere. Observing diverse wildlife, including dolphins and whales, in their natural habitat.

‘This isn’t just a cycling tour; it’s an intimate experience with nature’s artistry.’

Thrilling Mountain Biking

Venturing Onward in the Garden Route

Continuing my South African adventure, the exhilarating mountain biking experience propels me to exhilarating new heights. Pedaling through the rough and rugged landscapes, my heart pounds with adrenaline, driving my resolve to master each challenging trail. The Garden Route boasts a diverse array of mountain biking paths, accommodating cyclists of every experience level. The dense forests, the steep climbs, the thrilling downhill trails, and the stunning vistas make each second on the bike unforgettable.

The opportunity to traverse the untamed wilderness, enveloped by the stunning beauty of nature, is a liberating sensation. It’s a chance to break away from the hustle and bustle, to find a quiet moment of solitude. As I lose myself in the raw, natural scenery, I find pure, unadulterated joy in the ride.

The mountain biking trails of the Garden Route provide an escape, a moment of solitude. It’s a chance to lose myself in the rugged landscapes and find real joy in the ride.

‘Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.’ – Albert Einstein.

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Take this quote to heart as you venture on your own mountain biking journey.

Wildlife Encounters

Cycling through the Garden Route in South Africa, I’m entranced by the thrilling encounters with wildlife. As I journey through this breathtaking region, I find myself in the company of a variety of creatures, immersed in the raw splendor of nature. Here are a few notable wildlife experiences that have left an indelible mark on me:

  • Observing the majestic elephants in their natural habitat as they meander through the undergrowth.
  • Watching playful dolphins creating ripples in the sea along the shoreline.
  • Getting a rare sight of an endangered black rhino, a sight that’s truly awe-inspiring.

Each of these encounters serves as a vivid reminder of the vibrancy of life and the intricate connection we share with the wild. Excitement fills me as I anticipate the next wildlife encounter that my ongoing cycling journey might bring.

Let’s smoothly transition and set our sights on the next adventure: the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Riding a bike through the lively surroundings of Mekong Delta in Vietnam is a remarkable journey. I found myself pedaling through winding routes, enveloped by verdant rice fields, dancing palm trees, and the soothing sounds of the river.

The Mekong Delta, a complex network of water passages, offers an opportunity for in-depth exploration at a relaxed pace when traversed on a cycle. Take a well-deserved pause at a bustling floating market and taste the delectable local cuisine, or board a boat to meet the locals in their traditional homes.

For those who appreciate nature and the thrill of an adventure, the Mekong Delta is a haven, offering a unique sense of freedom and a chance to learn about the world beyond your own.

Cycling Tours

But the journey doesn’t stop here, let’s transition to our next scenic cycling spot: the Lake District in England.

Lake District, England

As I cycled through the lively Mekong Delta, with its lush landscapes and cultural richness, I was eagerly looking forward to my next thrilling encounter in the visually stunning Lake District of England. Located in the country’s northwest, this area offers a unique cycling journey. Here are some of the reasons why it’s so extraordinary:

  • Breathtaking Landscapes: The beauty of the lakes, mountains, and quaint villages scattered across the region will take your breath away.
  • Demanding Terrain: Prepare for invigorating rides across hilly terrains and curvy roads, pushing your biking prowess and stamina to the limits.
  • Deep-Rooted History and Culture: Absorb the area’s rich past and cultural heritage as you visit ancient landmarks, cozy pubs, and engage with the amiable local folk.

Gear up for the sensation of the wind caressing your hair and the thrill of the untamed road as you cycle through the awe-inspiring vistas of the Lake District.

As a wise cyclist once said, ‘There’s no better way to experience a place than on two wheels. Every pedal stroke brings a new perspective and a new adventure.’

Golden Circle, Iceland

The Golden Circle in Iceland is more than just a visual treat of awe-inspiring scenery. This cycling tour takes you through routes that are as challenging as they’re scenic. You’ll find yourself pushing your limits over diverse terrains and steep climbs, making the journey as exhilarating as the destination.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there. As you pedal your way through this magnificent landscape, you’ll get to experience the rich cultural nuances and highlights that make Iceland an extraordinary place.

Scenic Routes and Landscapes

Iceland’s Golden Circle offers bike enthusiasts a spectacular blend of routes and landscapes. This region is a haven for those who enjoy the sense of liberation offered by a two-wheeler. As you cycle through this majestic place, you’ll find yourself enveloped in incredible natural splendor.

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Here are three key points of interest on your Golden Circle cycling journey:

  • Geysir: Experience the might and splendor of the Strokkur geyser. As it erupts, the geyser sends water high into the sky, creating a sight that you’ll find truly mesmerizing.
  • Gullfoss Waterfall: Get ready to be spellbound by the power and majesty of Gullfoss, one of Iceland’s most renowned waterfalls. You can feel the spray on your face as you appreciate this impressive natural spectacle.
  • Thingvellir National Park: Navigate through the impressive landscapes of Thingvellir, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place offers rugged cliffs, wide valleys, and the historic Alþingi — the world’s oldest existing parliament.

The Golden Circle, with its distinctive mix of natural attractions, offers a memorable cycling journey for those who yearn for the liberty of the open road. As a wise cyclist once said, ‘The joy of cycling is the freedom it gives you to explore the world around you.’

Challenging Terrains and Climbs

Biking through Iceland’s Golden Circle is quite the adventure, marked by tough terrains and demanding ascents. This impressive route is a showcase of some of the most beautiful landscapes globally, but it’s not a journey for the weak-willed. As you pedal through the harsh Icelandic countryside, expect steep uphill climbs, twisty mountain paths, and fluctuating weather conditions.

Despite these challenges, the rewards are more than worth it. The sense of achievement in overcoming each ascent is incomparable. The spectacle from the summit is absolutely breathtaking. From frosty mountain tops to flowing waterfalls and geothermal hot springs, the Golden Circle showers you with a visual banquet at every bend. So, tighten your helmet and ready yourself to test your endurance as you face the rugged terrains and ascents of the Golden Circle.

Once you’ve overcome the physical challenges, it’s time to immerse yourself in the cultural highlights and experiences that Iceland offers. As a cyclist once said, ‘The sweat and strain of cycling are a small price to pay for the chance to see the world from the saddle’.

Cultural Highlights and Experiences

During my journey through Iceland’s Golden Circle, I was able to experience a range of cultural highlights. These experiences blended beautifully with the challenging terrains and climbs, adding a layer of richness to the adventure. Here are a few unforgettable moments from my journey:

  • I’d the opportunity to visit the exceptional Thingvellir National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage site is known for its unique geological wonders and historical significance.
  • I was also able to witness the majestic beauty of the Gullfoss waterfall. Its powerful cascades and the sight of rainbows left me in awe of nature’s grandeur.
  • The famous Blue Lagoon also offered a much-needed rest. Soaking in the geothermal waters after a long day of cycling, amidst the striking landscapes of volcanic rock formations, was an experience of pure relaxation.

These experiences not only added depth to my cycling adventure but also allowed me to appreciate Iceland’s rich history and natural wonders. The freedom of the open road, combined with these cultural insights, made the journey all the more memorable.

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As the saying goes, ‘Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it’s a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.’ This certainly held true for my journey through Iceland’s Golden Circle.

Tuscany, Italy

Cycling through Tuscany, Italy, is an experience like no other. As I cycled, the air was filled with the pleasant aroma of vineyards and olive groves. Tuscany, a cyclist’s paradise, offers an unmatched sense of freedom and the thrill of adventure.

Imagine cycling through rolling hills dotted with quaint villages, cypress trees lining your path. The winding roads lead you through extensive vineyards and olive groves, revealing hidden beauty spots and unforgettable panoramas. With each turn, there’s a new scene waiting for you, inviting you to lose yourself in the stunning Italian countryside.

The liberating feeling of cruising down open roads, the gentle wind brushing against my face, and the awe-inspiring views at every bend form an indelible memory.

For those with a love for cycling and natural beauty, Tuscany is a destination that’s hard to resist. So, as an avid cyclist, I say, ‘Tuscany isn’t just a place, it’s an experience, a beautiful journey that stays with you long after you’ve left the rolling hills behind.’

Swiss Alps, Switzerland

The Swiss Alps in Switzerland offers an awe-inspiring backdrop for cycling enthusiasts. This location, known for its pristine beauty, offers a cycling experience that’s truly one for the books. What makes it stand out? Here are three compelling reasons:

  • Breathtaking Landscapes: The Swiss Alps are home to some of the most picturesque landscapes on the planet. Lush green valleys and majestic mountains greet you at every turn, making each moment picture-perfect.
  • Adventurous Trails: Cyclists seeking a good challenge will find the Swiss Alps a worthy adversary. Its steep inclines and thrilling descents test your mettle, all while you’re enveloped in nature’s splendor.
  • Cultural Experiences: The journey also offers cultural immersion. The mountain villages dotting your route offer a taste of Swiss hospitality, delicious local chocolates, and interactions with welcoming locals.

Cycling in the Swiss Alps isn’t just about the ride, it’s about the unforgettable experiences and memories you make along the way. So, gear up and prepare to set off on this incredible journey.

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